Dating Blondes VS Dating Brunettes

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I have been teaching how to boost women’s sex appeal for years and I never tell women to change their hair color. The color of a woman’s hair is less important than most people think. Even some men have a type, e.g. consciously a man says to himself, “My ideal girlfriend should be a tall and slim woman with perfect skin and long legs. She should have blonde hair and blue eyes.” But how many times did you fall in love with someone and then realize all your “standards” went out of the window? Why did that happen? Maybe your subconscious mind is more powerful?

If you Google female celebrities’ photos, you’ll see any hair color works. They all look beautiful. Different hair colors look good in their unique ways. It’s just like I think Japanese food is delicious, but I also find Italian food scrumptious. This is absolutely normal. You can like coffee and tea at the same time. There is nothing wrong with that.two sexy girls: a blonde and a brunette in swimming suits

Some people have done experiments on dating websites in order to find out whether blondes or brunettes are more popular. Interestingly, according to a recent study, blondes get more attention at the beginning. But the quality of men who contact brunettes is much higher in general. Therefore, it’s really hard to say which hair color is more helpful in terms of online dating.

In my opinion, the whole package matters more than hair color. When a man notices a woman, he looks at the entire package rather than just her hair color. So hair color alone doesn’t lead to sustainable attraction.


A common stereotype is: blondes are pretty, but maybe they aren’t very intelligent; brunettes are intelligent, but perhaps they aren’t very sexy. This stereotype is too obsolete. The only way to explain why this stereotype even exists is: Because the traditional culture believes that blondes are hotter, everything is easier for blondes – why try harder when things are easier? However, brunettes tend to try harder because things aren’t that easy for them. As a result, brunettes become intelligent and accomplished women. In other words, even if this stereotype is true to some degree, it’s actually social conditioning rather than a scientific fact which is based on biology.

In fact, no matter a woman’s hair color is blonde, brunette, black, red or ginger, she can always be beautiful.

Personally, so far in my life I have never dyed my hair at all. This is unbelievable as nobody around me believes that, not even my family and friends. That’s because in this day and age, nearly everybody has access to hair dye easily and young women usually represent the majority of hair salons’ customers. The natural color of my hair is dark brown. Sometimes it becomes light brown because the sun in the summer is very strong and can change the color of my hair. Sometimes it becomes black because I eat more sesame seeds to nurture my hair. The color of my hair is not something that I always think about.

I have friends who dye their hair every month because it shows their true hair color pretty quickly. They prefer blonde hair, so they keep dying their hair forever. I also know a stylist whose natural hair color is blonde, but she dyes her hair black all the time because that’s the hair color she actually wants to have (Snow White has fair skin, but her hair is black, right?) I think all these choices are okay, as long as these women are happy.a blonde and a brunette girls

Speaking of dating blondes VS dating brunettes, I’d like to share some findings with you.

Reasons why men prefer blondes:

  • Blondes are usually very interesting, fun, playful and spontaneous.
  • The mainstream culture tells men that blondes are more attractive physically.
  • Blondes often get more attention from others, so men can show off blondes in their arms.
  • Blondes are more girly and more feminine. Men find this energy very attractive because men want to feel like real men.
  • When a blonde’s hair turns grey, it’s harder to notice because the original hair color is pale anyway.

Reasons why men prefer brunettes:

  • Brunettes are usually very elegant and classy, so they are viewed as marriage material. Men associate darker hair with loyalty and integrity.
  • Oftentimes, brunettes aren’t high-maintenance women.
  • Brunettes are considered intelligent and accomplished. There is a movie called Legally Blonde which is about a blonde who goes to law school at university. In other words, maybe the movie is trying to say law schools are not for blondes? Well, that means law schools are for brunettes who are usually smart.
  • Brunettes are thought to make more money. A body of research suggests that brunettes are more likely to be hired because interviewers subconsciously associate darker hair color with skills and capabilities.
  • Men expect brunettes to be emotionally more stable. When a brunette is expected to behave in this way, she often actually behaves in this way. That’s the influence of her environment and dynamics around her.
  • Brunettes are perceived as more serious. Men want to be with practical and down-to-earth women when they look for long-term partners.
  • Brunettes are more independent and self-sufficient. If she is a well-educated woman with a decent job, of course she isn’t needy. And that’s very attractive.

In fact, no matter a woman’s hair color is blonde, brunette, black, red or ginger, she can always be beautiful. I’m saying this not because I want to be politically correct, but because that’s what I truly believe in. It’s more about how healthy your hair is, not the color of your hair.

Which one do you prefer, blondes or brunettes? Please let me know in the comments below!

P. S.:
1. How to make a blonde look more serious and professional:
* Talk with a lower pitch. People associate a lower pitch with authority.
* Wear a matte lipstick rather than lip gloss. This look makes a blonde look more professional and serious at work.
* Wear blue for a job interview. People often associate blue with professionalism.

2. How to make a brunette look more playful and fun:
* Wear bright colors on social occasions.
* Wear statement jewellery (earrings or a necklace) because when something interesting is near your face, you look more spontaneous. Your statement jewellery can also become a conversation starter because others can approach you by commenting on your statement jewellery first.

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