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asked 5 years ago

Has the online dating industry grown in size worldwide?

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answered 4 years ago

Yes, online dating is one of the biggest industries in the world.
There are three big industries on the Internet:
1) Money and business;
2) Health and fitness;
3) Dating and relationships.
This is because these things affect people’s happiness tremendously.
If a company can improve people’s lives by improving the above-mentioned areas, this company can usually do pretty well on the Internet.
Because internet dating has become mainstream nowadays, online dating is growing every single day. Unlike the online dating scene ten years ago when internet dating was a taboo topic, these days internet dating is extremely common. I think pretty much every dater has tried online dating at some stage in their life in this day and age. Even well-known entrepreneurs such as Tom Bilyeu and Gary Vaynerchuk claim that they would definitely join a dating website if they were single. But obviously, most successful men aren’t single anyway, so you probably won’t meet famous entrepreneurs on dating websites easily. However, you may consider joining a millionaire dating site or a sugar daddy dating site where wealthy men congregate. Also, you can join a celebrity dating site if you are ambitious and highly creative or artistic. You will thank me later.

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