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asked 5 years ago

Do women think it’s rude of men they are dating to ask for nude photos?

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answered 4 years ago

It depends on the stage of this relationship.
If this is the initial stage, it’s rude because women expect more respect at the beginning when they aren’t sure where things could go yet.
But if this is already at the mature stage of a relationship, there is nothing wrong with asking for nude photos – if your husband asks for your nude photos, that means he is turned on by you, right?
A red flag is when a guy sends a woman his d*ck pictures at the beginning of a relationship. That indicates lack of calibration – he looks needy and inexperienced. What a joke.
I remember Don Draper asked Megan Draper to open her blouse when she was in his office – you probably know it too if you’ve watched the popular US TV show Mad Men. I don’t think that’s rude, although Megan Draper was like, “You are a dirty old man!” Of course, she was in her 20s when she married the 40-year-0ld Don Draper, so she could say Don is an old man!
Anyway, I still think if a woman’s long-term partner asks for her nude photos, it only means he is actually attracted to her in a good way. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a good sign which indicates this relationship is sustainable because the chemistry is so strong and the attraction is so intense!
But be careful – what if a guy publishes a woman’s photos on the Internet? This is clearly a concern nowadays because the Internet may become a real bomb later. I know some celebrities’ nude photos were released online because their ex-partners’ computers were hacked. Sad but sensational. Therefore, my suggestion for women is please be aware of who you are sending nude photos to – can you trust him? Are you sure he will be with you in the long term?

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