European women dating American men

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asked 5 years ago

What do European women think of dating American men?

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I would say American men like European women ?
First of all, American women aren’t very attractive, according to Roosh V who claims that women in North America are overweight and ugly.
Second of all, the United States is a very blue-pilled society where feminism is everywhere – it’s hard for a man who values traditionalism, nationalism and patriarchy to find a good wife in America, so red-pilled men tend to marry European women who are more feminine and traditional.
Thirdly, European women think going to America is exciting, especially if their English is good enough. Many Eastern European women tend to believe that America is a prosperous and wonderful country (which is probably true from their perspective because most Eastern European countries are underdeveloped or backward to some degree). Also, a lot of Eastern European men have alcohol or drug problems, so they physically and sexually abuse their women. Consequently, many women from Eastern Europe want to marry American men and leave their home countries. Sad but true.
Having said that, after a typical Eastern European bride moves to America, she will figure out that she is actually a very high-value woman (she can see that women around her are overweight and unattractive) and that may change the dynamics of her marriage.

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