Is dating wrong?

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asked 4 years ago

Is dating wrong in regard to short-term relationship?

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No, it’s not wrong.
Not every culture has the concept of dating. In western countries, dating means you are relaxed and see whoever you want. You are not in a committed relationship. You are still looking.
But in some other cultures, dating doesn’t even exist. For example, the concept of dating is non-existent in China where people don’t play the field before getting married. Interestingly, Chinese people tend to play the field after getting married because that culture has the highest infidelity rate in the world. I know many Chinese people & every Chinese man that I know has cheated on his wife (every one of them)! I haven’t met a loyal and faithful Chinese guy yet.
In my opinion, dating is okay. There is nothing wrong with that. Life is short, so you should enjoy members of the opposite s*x at different levels when you still can. Before you get married, you are supposed to explore the beauty of life and love, right? At least in western culture, people usually don’t cheat after getting married. Theoretically, westerners are more faithful, but in reality, cheating websites such as are very popular in English-speaking countries as people are not biologically programmed to be monogamous. Monogamy is a recent thing in human history!
Anyway, the answer to your question depends on your cultural background. If you are from a western country, I would assume that dating is perfectly okay as long as you remember to use condoms and don’t cheat on your spouse.
If you are pretty sure that you can’t be monogamous, I think you may consider starting an open relationship with someone so that you don’t need to lie to your spouse in the future – everyone is okay with it, so there is nothing to complain about. Good luck!

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