How does dating work in college?

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Do you think that dating works differently at colleges?

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Yes, I do.
If a guy doesn’t have game, college is probably the only time and place where he can get laid left and right because that environment is full of young, horny, inexperienced, curious girls looking for love.
When you are studying at college, you should have access to a large number of single men and women who form a strong social circle. Remember to become the hub of the social circle if you can. If you can’t, at least you should get close to the social hub who organizes parties and events for college students.
Dating at college is all about visual chemistry, sexual attraction and having fun. It’s less about money, status and fame. Therefore, if you would like to experience some pure dating and relationships, college is the best place to enjoy it! After college time, you will face a range of unpleasant realism, e.g. people become practical, so they don’t want to socialize with those who don’t bring them benefits; girls become hypergamous because they want to date rich and powerful men; men become competitive because they focus on their careers after graduation….and so on.
In order to help you prepare your mindset for dating in college, you may want to access the following materials:
1) Friends (American TV show best characterized by attraction and chemistry between men and women in their 20s);
2) American Pie (American movies about dating and relationships for youngsters);
3) Gossip Girl (American TV show about young people’s love);
4) Mean Girls (American movie about young adults’ love and relationships);
5) Walking the Hall (American TV movie about the younger generation’s love life – it can be disturbing, so you may think twice before watching this movie on YouTube);
6) Lady (a book written by Roosh V for young women);
7) Game: A Cure for Loneliness (a book written by George Massey for young men).

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