How to stop dating a married man?

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asked 5 years ago

Dating a married man is wrong. How do I stop it?

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answered 4 years ago

I understand that married men can be very attractive. Let me put it this way:
When a woman sees a guy with another woman, his perceived value is higher because that means there must be something good about him – a woman has chosen him already!
In contrast, when a man sees a woman with another guy, her perceived value is lower because men don’t want to use chopsticks that another person has already used. Sorry for this metaphor if you think it’s inappropriate.
Talking about your question, I think you need a distraction. Perhaps you can travel somewhere exotic and meet new people – you never know when and where the love of your life will rock up! When you meet more qualified and alluring men, you won’t find this married man so hot anymore. You can start from creating some distance deliberately.
But if your relationship with this married man is an arrangement (you are his sugar baby), that means you don’t have plans to marry him anyway. So, you don’t want to replace his wife – his wife’s position isn’t threatened by you at all. In this case, this arrangement isn’t wrong because it’s a mutually beneficial relationship (if his wife is able to make him happy, why does he want to date you?)

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