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asked 4 years ago

Have you ever been in a dating embarrassing situation?

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The most embarrassing situation was when I couldn’t stop farting in front of a date.
I had some indigestion and just couldn’t stop farting & it was the first date with someone that I met on a dating website!
It was very embarrassing because everyone could smell the gas from my anus – I saw people’s funny faces in the coffeehouse. I guess the gas from my anus was a stronger smell than the aroma of the coffee. Perhaps they were wondering why their coffee tasted like sh*t that day!
Also, because I was farting so hard that people could hear it so clearly, everyone was looking at me occasionally. That’s why it was extremely embarrassing.
My date was pretending that nothing happened, which made the situation even more embarrassing, because almost everyone in the coffee shop knew what was happening!
Another scenario that I experienced was a first date with a hot guy that I met on a dating app. That day I was too horny, so I was trying to seduce him with my cleavage. Unfortunately, he figured out that my cleavage was fake – he asked me, “What is the brand of this eye shadow on your chest?” He could see that I drew a cleavage with eye shadow! I really didn’t know what to say, so I told him that I used Estee Lauder’s eye shadow to draw the cleavage which is non-existent. Worse still, I was wearing a long necklace with a pendant pointing at my fake cleavage – that indicates how desperate I was at that time. I’m glad that it was all in the past!
By the way, the guy who realized that I used eye shadow on my chest is a celebrity makeup artist. I guess that’s why he could see my cleavage was not even real and was curious about the brand of my eye shadow.

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