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asked 4 years ago

Should it take long before you meet someone in person after online dating?

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Meet that person as quickly as possible.
If you are chatting with someone on the dating site, you can ask them out immediately, “I’m going to XYZ coffeehouse this afternoon. I think you should come.” Don’t ask “Would you like to come?” Just tell them to come! Certainty is sexy. Assume that person is interested, and then see what happens.
When you ask, “Would you like to come?”, that person has two questions in their head: 1) Can I go out this afternoon? 2) Do I want to go out this afternoon?
But if you say a statement, there is only one question in that person’s head: Can I go out this afternoon.
Of course, if you are a guy, asking a girl out shouldn’t be too hard.
If you are a woman, probably you don’t want to ask a guy out again and again. He should be more proactive because he is supposed to chase you.
Never chat with someone for months without meeting that individual in person. That’s a very common and typical mistake that online daters make – they waste their time on the Internet. Remember: You can always get your money back, but you can’t get your time back.

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