LuvByrd: The App for Outdoor Enthusiasts

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LuvByrd is an interest driven dating app for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there. The outdoorsy niche is often overlooked although camping, snowboarding, skiing and similar activities are huge parts of people’s lives. With this app, users can search for matches based on specific outdoor hobbies. They have a lengthy list so just about everything is covered which immediately boosts one’s chance of meeting someone they can share the outdoors with. As we know, when looking for a potential partner, similar interest is a leading criterion. Continue reading to learn more about what the application has to offer as well as the feature highlights.a couple on a road

Sign Up and Profiles

The app takes a different approach to dating profiles. The sign up process is like what you would find on other apps. You can register by entering your email, create a username and a password or you can speed up the process by signing up with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Instead of having an area to write a short bio, users are asked to answer a series of prompts about their outdoor experiences. There is also a part that covers your seasonal outdoor activities. In other words, activities become the focus rather than a useless self-written blurb about yourself.


LuvByrd members can access their account on LuvByrd’s website as well as the mobile app. The app is preferred by most since users can take it with them anywhere. LuvByrd is intended for the adventurous types so ideally, they want to meet like-minded people on the go.


LuvByrd’s pricing structure is unique compared to some of the others. Instead of paying for a 1 month, 3 month or 6-month subscription users pay for access to additional features. Their prices are below:

• $5 to see who added you to their favorites list.

• $5 to view who checked out your profile.

• $5 to access the list of users who liked you.

• $10 unlocks all the above as well as unlimited messages and connections.


LuvByrd is a no frills app. They do not boast innovative features but the ones they have get the job done.

LuvByrd is a great dating app for outdoor enthusiasts. It caters to an overlooked niche, has core features that will make any user happy and comes at an extremely affordable price. 


Searching is more like filtering on the app since matches are suggested based on location and favorite outdoor seasonal activities. To improve searches users can:

• Select whether they are looking for a male, female or if they are bisexual.

• Choose an age range.

• Select max distance of the matches suggested.

• Enter the city they are currently in.

• Choose from a list of favorite seasonal activities.

All the above improve search results and add as much specificity as possible to the generated results.


Matches are based on location and your favorite activities. LuvByrd uses that information to generate a list of singles nearby. You go through the list of matches and either hit “<3” if you’re interested and “X” if you’re not. For each profile, you can see whether he or she is online or offline as well as their:

• Username

• Sexual orientation

• Age

• Gender


When two people are matched, meaning they both selected “<3” on each other, an in-app conversation can begin through the messaging feature.


With this paid feature users know who added them to their favorites list. This is a useful one since it gives insight on interest prior to initiating a chat. Most appreciate that reassurance on a dating app.

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Visitors is simply a list of people who have been checking you out. Seeing what type of matches you’re attracting is always a good thing.


The likes feature allows you to see who liked you. This feature could help find that special someone or at least steer you in the right direction.

Outdoor Events

There are also outdoor events coordinated among members on the app. You can join events when invited by fellow users on the app or create outdoor events by sending invites to members. Although most take place in Denver, Colorado (where the company is located) the events present an opportunity to meet with outdoorsy singles in real life.

All in all, LuvByrd is a great dating app for outdoor enthusiasts. It caters to an overlooked niche, has core features that will make any user happy and comes at an extremely affordable price.

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