Are Ukrainian Women Gold Diggers or the Best Wives?

Ukrainian girls are gold diggers

Ukrainian women are the hottest Slavic girls in Eastern Europe, so they are regarded as the most eligible brides from Europe. But it’s rumored that some Ukrainian girls are gold diggers rather than legitimate brides. Which story is true? Well, honestly, there are gold diggers in every country and there are also good wives in every country.

So, let’s examine the situation in detail.

  • Does the Ukrainian beauty postpone intimacy but she wants material things and cash from you? If the Ukrainian girl is a gold digger, then she will want things and money from you without sleeping with you. That’s the biggest red flag of a gold digger. If she says something like, “I’m still recovering from a sexual trauma in the past, so I’m not ready for our romantic night in your house yet”, then nine times out of ten she is just using her fictional “trauma” in the past as an excuse for why she can’t sleep with you, because gold diggers often want to make you feel sorry for them so that you want to protect them and provide for them. And this “trauma story” even stops you from sleeping with her. Another example is a typical gold digger will say something like “You are not ready yet” whenever you suggest that she should go to bed with you. That is just a Jedi mind trick. Meanwhile, a gold digger wants to get things and money from you before going to bed with you because that’s when the girl from Ukraine has the highest leverage – as you are hot and horny, you are more likely to do whatever she tells you to do and your IQ can decrease in this situation. Please remember that gold diggers all look extremely sexy for a reason. A man’s logical brain is usually switched off whenever an attractive woman rocks up because he might use his best friend in his pants as his brain.Ukrainian bride’s
  • Does she appreciate your financial contribution on each date? If you take your Ukrainian girl to a fancy restaurant, does she always order the most expensive item in each category? Does she even consider saving your money? Frankly, a guy would be grateful if his girlfriend wants to help him save his money. But if a Ukrainian woman never wants to help you in this regard and only wants to spend your money all the time, she is probably a gold digger because she obviously has a goal which doesn’t include looking after you. I’m not saying she has to offer to pay on each date. I mean at least she should appreciate your financial contribution when you take her out. This is very important in any dating situation. So, if your Ukrainian girlfriend never says “thanks” when you are paying for stuff, that’s a huge red flag.hottest Slavic girls
  • Does she ask specific questions regarding your work or business as well as where you live? A typical gold digger needs to find out your income and your net worth. Your income is usually determined by your job. The tragedy is most men want to show off, so they tend to say something impressive about their work (the male ego is associated with career success). Sadly, that’s exactly what a gold digger wants to hear. If you tell the Ukrainian lady something along the lines of, “I’m the Marketing Strategist of XYZ company,” then she can easily search your income on where people have published the income of every position in almost every company. My suggestion is never revealing where you work until you are sure this woman from Ukraine isn’t a gold digger because you don’t want to have a stalker in the future. Therefore, the solution is whenever a lady from Ukraine asks you a question about your job, you can say something vague such as “I’m a manager in the mining industry” (it’s funny because that’s gold mining rather than gold digging). Then you change the topic of your conversation immediately. Also, an experienced gold digger needs to know where you live because if you live in a posh neighborhood, that means your net worth is real – rich people live in posh areas in order to buy powerful neighbors who can help them network with other business prospects. However, if you live in a poor neighborhood, that usually means you aren’t making a lot of money. That’s why you shouldn’t tell her where you live and you can say something like “I live in a western suburb which is close to my uncle” & then you change the topic of the conversation. Clearly, you have to really listen to the Ukrainian stunner’s questions and analyze the motivation behind each question. By the way, I’m not saying you have to become a very analytical person when you are dating Ukrainian beauties. I mean you’d better use your logical brain and truly understand every woman that you’ve met before you start an official relationship with someone.Ukrainian girlfriend
  • Most Ukrainian ladies are the best wives. Frankly, the majority of beauties from Ukraine are the best wives rather than gold diggers because they are more traditional, feminine and attractive than western women. In order to know whether a girl from Ukraine is the best wife or not, you need to look at these questions: 1) Does she want to make your life easier? Obviously, the best wife should make your life better and shouldn’t ask for things from you all the freaking time. For example, the best wife would say something like, “Oh, you are so busy and tired because of your work. I really want to help you because I don’t want to see you so exhausted every day. Please let me know how I can help.” (By the way, I used to teach women to say this to their men so that their men will propose!) My point is if a Ukrainian bride actually wants to help you in various ways, you know she is a keeper. 2) Is she an honest person? Honesty is very, very, very, very important in dating and relationships because most divorces are caused by lying about finances or lying about affairs. If your Ukrainian girlfriend is an honest person, then that means she is probably the best wife. At the end of the day, honesty is the best policy. 3) Does she share the same values with you? You and your ideal wife should have the same values (or at least her values must be compatible with yours). That’s the easiest way to maintain a healthy, happy and hot marriage. If you don’t even know your values, I highly recommend a book called Values Clarification (written by Dr. Sidney B. Simon, Dr. Leland W. Howe and Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum) which is a very practical and action-directed workbook – it will help you understand yourself much better. You can also use the tools provided in this book to identify your Ukrainian bride’s values. 4) Does she have a good relationship with her family? Some Ukrainian girls don’t have good relationships with their own family members, and that’s a red flag, because if she can’t even get along with her mom, you can’t really expect her to get along with you and your family. 5) Does she respect you and your family? There is a difference between liking someone and respecting someone. If she likes you but she doesn’t respect you, that’s not wife material. She has to respect you and your family in order to make this marriage work.
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