3things men do that pretty women absolutely hate (and how to fix them)


Men and women have very different realities, so conflict between men and women is unavoidable…until you know the right solutions. What are the common issues that hot women dislike about men?

#1 Forgetfulness and unwillingness to admit it: Some men are very forgetful. For example, Nick forgot to buy his gorgeous wife a Christmas present, so on Christmas Day, the embarrassing moment rocked up when his wife had nothing to get under the Christmas tree. Then Nick sneaked out of the house and came back with a freaking digital camera from K-mart. And that was his Christmas gift for his hot wife. In fact, that was definitely not the right digital camera that she liked. Worse still, she probably didn’t even want a camera! Who needs a digital camera when iPhone is so powerful these days? His sexy wife isn’t a professional photographer anyway! Consequently, Nick’s wife was so pissed off. Actually, it would be better if Nick could just admit that he was too forgetful!Forgetfulness

Solution #1: Whenever your beautiful wife mentions she is interested in something (e.g. a book, a scarf, etc.), you should write it down on your phone as a reminder. Then write down what you need to preparefor every special occasion in your Google calendar (you can look at the entire year), e.g. buying her a book she always wants to read before Valentine’s Day, buying her a scarf that she always wants to have before her birthday, etc. Your Google calendar shouldn’t just be your work diary. Don’t forget that your marriage is also a part of your work because it needs your attention and maintenance.You can only get what you give in business, in love and in life.

#2 Persuading women to do things in your way by giving promises that won’t come true: Some men think they are very smart – they persuade women by telling women what they want to hear, thereby achieving selfish goals. For instance, Jim didn’t have enough money to pay for his wedding, but he urgently needed to impress his future parents-in-law because he knew those folks are rich. Therefore, he said to his fiancée, “Can you give me $10,000 for our wedding? I will return the money back to you by giving you all the money from our wedding guests.” (Jim and his fiancée are Italian, so their guests would give them money as wedding gifts.) Because his fiancée is an authentic woman, she gave him $10,000 and trusted him. However, Jim never gave her any money from their wedding guests. No wonder nowhis fiancée has already become his ex-wife after milking him for a few years in different ways – she just figured out a way to take her money back anyway. Remember: If you use a lie to get what you want, it will probably work once only (and you think you are clever); nevertheless, in the long term, it will definitely backfire.giving promises

Solution #2: Liars like Jim are users and losers. Some of them are also abusers. Men like that must wake up now and realize how stupid they are. If you feel glad that you’ve successfully manipulated pretty girls because of your lies, then you are wrong – most pretty women actually have brains and will figure out what happened. And then you’ll see what they can do. Therefore, men would be well-advised to believe in authenticity and then their honesty will make your marriage sustainable in the long run.

#3 The fragile male ego: When you socialize with men, you can easily see their egos. A case in point is an entrepreneur wannabe Xavier. Whenever he went out with his pretty woman Nancy, he always bragged about his career achievements (which were non-existent in reality) or his hot lady Nancy (who was secretly hating him because of his freaking male ego). Yes, Nancy is a high achiever who is envied by many pretty ladies. But Nancy secretly looked down upon Xavier because he wanted to brag so much. Small wonder Nancy left Xavier and started her own business. Now Nancy is a real entrepreneur who has achieved financial success, whereas nobody knows where Xavier is today because Nancy refuses to keep in touch with her loser ex-husband who has a big, fragile ego. That’s right – Xavier has a big ego, but Nancy has a big bank account.male ego

Solution #3: All men want to look good in front of others. That’s understandable. But when you are bragging about yourself or what you have, you should be aware of the fact that most people aren’t dumb. They can see it through. In other words, bragging about what you’ve achieved doesn’t really work anyway. Hot girls are high-value individuals who know their worth, so if they go out with an entrepreneur wannabe like Xavier, they will leave sooner or later. As a result, you’d better improve your actual skills and do something great first.

          Have you ever made any of these mistakes above? If you don’t mind, please write a comment below and let us know so that more people can learn from common mistakes and improve together.

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