What to do when online dating fails

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What should I do when online dating fails?

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Just like anything in life, online dating can fail, too!
It’s very normal and you shouldn’t take it personally!
When online dating fails, it doesn’t mean you should give up online dating & here is why:
If you’ve met a bottom feeder on a dating website, it doesn’t mean other people on the dating site are also bottom feeders. In reality, there are users, abusers and losers everywhere – they don’t necessarily congregate on dating websites. Frankly, the elite are a small group of people in the society, so most people aren’t high-quality.
Like RSD Derek says, “I don’t even like most people”, indeed, it’s not common to find very high-value individuals on a dating website. But you can still join luxury dating sites, millionaire dating sites and sugar daddy dating sites/sugar momma dating sites to meet the elite. There are some celebrity dating sites and apps such as Raya – why not try some of those as well?
I always advise people to combine online dating with offline dating because it’s more beneficial to maximize your chance of success – this is a good way find true love faster. You need options in order to find an ideal partner, right?
Also, it’s important to work on yourself. Sometimes online dating fails because you don’t have enough experience to identify a bad person quickly – you either can’t see red flags or don’t even understand dating. If this is you, you must hone your dating skills now by hiring a dating coach or reading some dating books.
My favorite dating coaches are Jade Seashell, Hayley Quinn, Matthew Hussey, Richard la Ruina and Yad.
My favorite dating books are Game: A Cure for Loneliness (written by George Massey) and Updating: How to Date Out of Your League (written by Leil Lowndes)
Do you have a favorite dating book?

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