My ex is dating someone much younger

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asked 4 years ago

Is it crazy of my ex-wife dating someone much younger?

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answered 4 years ago

Well, it depends on the circumstances. I think if your ex-wife is only having a casual relationship with a younger man, that’s not a problem because it’s very normal nowadays. After all, you two are divorced and she should have the freedom to do whatever she wants now & because she is not your wife anymore, you are not supposed to control what she is doing (and nobody can really control anyone anyway).
But if your ex-wife is having a serious relationship with someone much younger, then you probably need to ask yourself these questions if your ex-wife and you have children:
1) Would my children be affected by their mother’s cougar/male sugar baby relationship which is actually long-term and serious?
2) Do my children actually spend time with their mother’s toy boy?
3) Can I make sure my children are okay? (Is that guy actually safe when he is around my children? Or is he a pervert?)
In other words, when kids are involved, things become complicated. However, if you don’t have kids with your ex-wife, there is nothing to worry about – an ex-wife without kids is just like an ex-girlfriend or an ex-lover – she shouldn’t even have a special place in your heart right now.

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