How to start dating in your 30s?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsHow to start dating in your 30s?
asked 5 years ago

Is it not too late to start dating in your early 30s?

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If you have never dated in your 20s and you start to date in your 30s, you are not alone. There are many people doing the same thing!
Remember: it’s never too late to start dating in your life. I highly advise you to try the following strategies:
1) Read some books about human dynamics, dating and communication skills, e.g. Leil Lowndes’s How to Talk to Anyone, Updating: How to Date out of Your League and How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You, How to Make Anyone Like You, How to Instantly Connect with Anyone, Goodbye to Shy, How to Create Chemistry with Anyone and How to Talk to Anybody about Anything. Her books are the best for beginners in the dating department.
2) Proactively go out and meet more people in general. Don’t feel the need to find true love right now. Instead, just become a social person and meet a lot of people, no matter they are men or women – you should have options anyway.
3) Try different online dating sites and apps that have qualified leads, i.e. people who are also looking for love. These internet dating platforms can send you qualified candidates automatically, so it’s a bit like making passive income if I’m allowed to use a business analogy here ?
4) Have a Happy Hour every week – you can organize a Happy Hour every Wednesday and invite all your friends. When they come to your Happy Hour, you ask them to bring their friends next time. That’s how you meet more and more people gradually, thereby having more and more options in your love life.
5) Clarify what kind of partner you would like to have. That should be your goal. My recommendation is being overambitious first, and then adjust later on. Good luck.

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