Insights into the female mind: What excites South Asian women??‍♀️

South Asian women

South Asian women are beautiful, elegant and smart. Do you know what makes them excited? Let’s find it out together!

  • What makes you laugh?

Wendy’s answer (Wendy is a 21-year-old South Asian woman): I’m so into The Ellen Show because Ellen DeGeneres is the funniest woman in the world.  Her talk show features interviews with celebrities and politicians, pranks as well as surprises.

It’s a well-known TV show because it’s not only popular in the United States, but also in other countries.  Thanks to Ellen’s great sense of humor, this funny show has millions of viewers all over the world.

I still remember when Tylor Swift was on The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres had a camera in the ladies’ toilet and Ellen was hiding behind the toilet door.  So, when Tylor Swift went to the toilet, Ellen suddenly scared her.  Tylor Swift was so scared that she literally fell on the floor.  That was such a classic prank!South Asian girls

Ellen did loads of pranks like this in most episodes of her show.  In one episode, she sent someone to hide in a garbage bag and the hidden person suddenly started to dance on the floor when someone was walking towards them.  Of course, that prank was quite successful.

Sometimes when Ellen’s celebrity guest was sitting on the couch and talking to her, she sent someone to hide in the plant behind the guest who would be really scared by the person in the plant, which made the show very fun and engaging.

However, Ellen never scared politicians such as President Obama, because if that happened, Ellen must be in serious trouble.

Also, Ellen dances a lot on her show, and her dance moves are hilarious as well!  The majority of Ellen’s fans are women because her talk show is a day-time TV show which attracts housewives who stay at home.  Ellen is probably the most famous lesbian in America, and some straight women like her so much that they actually said they would turn lesbian just to be with Ellen, which is quite amusing.


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  • What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What’s obvious to you but it’s amazing to others?

Jennie’s answer (Jennie is a 28-year-old South Asian lady): I’m very good at writing.  In fact, I’ve been a freelance writer since two years ago.  Therefore, I have written for many websites who were looking for contributors. 

Most of the articles written by me are about business, career success, productivity and finances.  Recently, I have started to write articles about dating advice and relationships, as I’m interested in exploring different areas.

Like a lot of South Asian girls, I also have my own blog and I write one blog post per week.  Now I’m building my own online audience who are eager to read my blog article every Sunday.  Yes, they look forward to reading my blog post every weekend, which makes me really excited – they hold me accountable, too!asian online dating

I think the reason why I’m good at writing is because I like reading.  I always enjoy reading good books such as fictions and non-fiction books.  As a fast reader, I usually read a book a week, and I take a wealth of notes.  I organize my notes very well by storing all useful information in one notebook.  I like making notes while reading.  That’s how I learn.

Therefore, whenever I need to write something, I simply take out my notes and come up with great ideas very quickly. 

Since writing is mental work which can also be physically exhausting, I take breaks throughout the day.  Yes, I have a break every 50 minutes, so that I don’t have to sit in front of my computer all day long.  I think managing my time like this is so key.

Sometimes I get carried away while writing a long piece, so I have to remind myself to have a rest.  In this way, I can keep my energy high and I also become more creative as a result.ladies from South Asia

  • What are you curious about? What do you hope to learn?

Crystal’s answer (Crystal is a 27-year-old South Asian girl): Like many South Asian ladies, I hope to learn painting.  I’ve always wanted to learn this skill since many years ago. 

When I was very young, I did lots of portraits and self-portraits by myself.  Nobody was teaching me painting, but I just loved doing it.  It’s my natural inclination, my real passion.

So now I plan to learn painting soon.  Once I have made enough money to hire a teacher, I will start to learn painting in my spare time.  I would like to learn oil painting.  I’m interested in landscape painting and still life painting.asian bride dating

I often imagine that one day I will have my own studio and gallery.  I hope I can make a living by working as an artist, because if my job is my passion and real hobby, then every day will be a holiday – I won’t need to work for a day anymore in my life.  That’s just so glamorous.

Sometimes I visit a few galleries near my place with my friends who are also ladies from South Asia to look for inspirations.  One gallery features abstract paintings, whereas the other gallery presents representational paintings.  Both types inspire me so much.

The most famous painting in the world is Mona Lisa which is a half-length painting.  Although it dates back to the Italian Renaissance, today in the Louvre, it still attracts numerous admirers from all over the world.  Mona Lisa is special because of her enigmatic smile.  In the future, I’m going to see this painting in the Louvre and I’m sure I’ll adore this masterpiece.

Leonardo Da Vinci is my hero because he produced Mona Lisa, the best masterpiece.  I really hope that I can become an excellent artist like him.

  • Your personality is so pleasant. What makes you so happy?

Jane’s answer (Jane is a 22-year-old South Asian woman): In general, I’m an outgoing and gregarious person with very good social skills.  I believe that having social skills is of vital importance in this day and age, as nobody can afford to be an island anymore in the 21st century.

I wouldn’t say I’m a party animal, but I do go to parties quite frequently.  Usually I arrive at the party very early so that I can meet people who are already there, especially the organizers of the party – these people are very important.  Then when others arrive at the party gradually, I invite them to join our conversation.  That’s how I make new friends by going to events alone.100 free asian dating online

I believe that my network is my net worth, so I try my best to build a powerful network that can help me with my career success.  Who I know is just as important as what I do, because people around me can easily become the gateway to opportunities.

So, I learn new communication skills all the time by reading a lot of books about charisma, human dynamics and psychology.  I think this has helped me to improve my interaction with people on different occasions.

Having many friends who are also South Asian women also boosts my confidence, as I feel that I am someone who is needed by people.  I guess that means I’m a valuable person.  Certainly, I also help my friends in many ways because I love adding value too.

Well, everyone is multidimensional.  I also enjoy spending time by myself.  For example, I like staying at home and watching TV on Friday nights.

But most of the time, I prefer going out to socialize with others.  Meeting new people excites me; making new friends gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

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