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Sustaining a healthy relationship is not always a plain sailing. Women are complicated and they are always in search of the perfect guy. Every time a woman gets in a relationship, she will test her boyfriend to the limit to see if he’s the one. There are some specific things that will keep your girlfriend satisfied.

#1: Spend time together

Spending time together is a good way to come closer to each other and bond even more. This is not about going out or watching TV together; this is more about outdoor activities like a hobbies. It’s very important to share some common hobbies with your girlfriend because a common hobby is a great way to spend some quality time together. Women love doing things with their boyfriends such as jogging, hiking or even shopping (shopping is considered a hobby by most women). You may even go to the gym together or take the dog for a walk together.

#2: Listen to her

Women talk a lot and they always need someone to listen to them. Being a good listener is one of the most important qualities a man can have when he’s in a relationship. A woman needs to talk about everything like her job, her problems and her new clothes or even about an incident at the supermarket. So you really have to be patient and listen to her, if you care about her, because she’s going to feel much better once she tells you what troubles her mind.

#3: Take her out

You should go out with your girlfriend whenever possible. Going out for a drink or dinner is a pretty nice way to talk and catch up in a more relaxed mood. You may also go to an amusement park to have some fun. Just remember that not all dates with your girlfriend should be sensual and intense; you might go out in a more friendly mood like going out with a friend. This will remove the intensity of a man-woman date and enable you to have a great time talking about anything else apart from your relationship

#4: Compliment her

Women need compliments. They need to hear how good they are at something or how good they look in a dress. So you should always compliment your girlfriend on everything such as her cooking, her new dress or hair style etc. But be careful; you must make a compliment only if you really mean it! Women are not stupid; they know when someone is talking seriously or not. However, every time she does something nice, you have to recognize it and approve it.

#5: Be romantic

The majority of men think that romanticism is gay, but that’s not true at all. Romanticism comes from chivalry and gentleness which can make you a “hero” in her eyes. All women love gentlemen because a gentleman always knows how to treat a woman. All you have to do is organize a romantic dinner or take her for a walk on the beach and she’ll definitely appreciate it and show you her gratitude romantic

#6: Do not neglect her

If there’s one thing that each and every woman hates the most, then that’s being neglected, especially by her boyfriend. Most guys take their girlfriends for granted, so they tend to constantly neglect them. I know you want to go out with your friends or watch a football match on TV with them, but in some cases you just have to stay with your girlfriend instead. I think your friends will understand that some concessions are needed in a relationship.

#7: Play with her

This doesn’t include sex. It has to do with the wide sense of “play”. You may do some pranks on her (don’t overdo it though) like scaring her or put some flour in her hair dryer or even put a red T-shirt in her whites laundry. She might get angry at first, but then she’ll realize that you mean no harm. Of course, she might get you back, so be prepared. This kind of things will spice up a relationship!

#8: Take care of you

If you want your girlfriend to look “perfect”, then you need to look “perfect” as well. So if she tries hard to be in shape and look nice for you, you should try twice as hard not to let her down. You don’t have to become a metrosexual and put on crèmes or shave your legs and chest; after all, women love masculine men. But you can still take frequent showers, brush your teeth, smell nice, wear some stylish clothes and work out! This will encourage your girlfriend to care for her own appearance even more.

#9: Buy her presents

I don’t mean that your relationship should rely on material stuff, but buying her a present every once in a while will refresh her interest. You don’t have to buy something expensive; even small gifts will do the trick. Good ideas for a gift would be flowers (of course), books (if she likes to read) and clothes or shoes!

In conclusion, I believe that if you really want to make your girlfriend happy, there are lots of things you can do. Sustaining a healthy relationship is an everyday job with no days off!

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