Topics and Activities that Interest Women from East Asia ?? ?

Women from East Asia

I’ve interviewed several East Asian women who have talked about their hobbies and interests with me. This article will show you what makes women from East Asia excited.

Question: Who is your idol?

Lily’s answer (Lily is a 35-year-old woman from East Asia): Celine Dion is my idol.  She was born and raised in Quebec, Canada.  She started her singing career at the age of 12.

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Singles Japan East Asia Dating

At the beginning, Celine was only singing in her family’s restaurant, but very soon, her tape was sent to a music manager Rene Angelil who later on became her husband.  Rene was so impressed and was moved to tears by Celine’s voice, so he decided to help Celine with her career.  Therefore, Celine Dion became a rising star in Canada.

Before 1990, Celine couldn’t speak English properly, so all of her albums were in French.  But as a fast learner, Celine started to sing in English in 1990 and penetrated the US market very quickly.  So far practically the majority of her songs became big hits and so many of them won awards for her.  Nearly all her French and English albums have been really well-liked worldwide.

I like Celine Dion so much because she is talented and has a good sense of humour.  In 2010 I went to Las Vegas to see her live show, and it was really a marvellous experience!  Celine performed five nights a week in Las Vegas at that time, which truly amazed me.  As a successful singer, she has been hardworking all her life.  Whenever she releases a new album, I am always the first person to purchase it, so apparently, I am her huge fan. 

Celine learned English as a second language very well, which also encourages me to learn English well.  She is a real role model for me.  I am also interested in music because that’s my passion, too.  I hope I can also have some success in this industry in the future.

Question: Which foreign culture are you curious about?

Linda’s answer (Linda is a 31-year-old lady from East Asia): I’m planning on visiting the United States.  Now I’d like to share some thoughts about the American culture with you.

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Love China East Asia Dating

Let me start off by talking about why I like the American culture.  The biggest characteristic of the US culture is the fact that the United States is a melting pot of so many different cultures.  By that I mean we can see and experience a multitude of cultures from all over the world in one country.  Of course, the mainstream culture in the United States is western culture, because it’s a western country geographically, politically and spiritually.

As for sightseeing trips, I reckon the United States is surely a perfect place because cities like New York and Los Angeles are full of gorgeous architecture.

Also, the United States is the birthplace of so many great minds, such as Jack Canfield and Mark Twain.  I absolutely love their books!

And … Almost all of my favorite bands are American, such as Eagles, Guns N’ Roses and Green Day.  And what else?  Backstreet Boys and Carpenters … So many musically-talented people there!

Oh, I also must point out that there are a host of world-class universities in the United States, like Harvard and Yale.  I really hope one day I can study in America as well.

lady from East Asia
Lady From East Asia

Speaking of personality, Americans are very relaxed and laid-back.  I haven’t met an American that I can’t get along with yet, so I’m sure if I live in America, I will feel at home.

American food also excites me.  I have heard a lot about American seafood, so I really want to try that as well.

At the moment, most of the information that I have learned about the American culture has come from the Internet.  Honestly, I seriously hope that one day I will go to the United States and have some first-hand experiences there.

Question: What kind of party excites you?

Annie’s answer (Annie is a 30-year-old East Asian woman): I went to an Old Hollywood party with several East Asian women last month.  It was a theme party called “Love the Journey”. 

At the grand entrance, cocktails and champagne were served.  Because everybody was dressed up like a movie star in the 30s, people were busy taking pictures at the entrance too. 

The music at the party was also very old-school.  The songs were mainly jazz music from decades ago, and I really enjoy the ambience created by beautiful music like that.  People started to dance to the music very quickly, and it felt so romantic and elegant.

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East Asian Dating

Later on, there was a karaoke session, so many songs were presented by participants.  My favorite songs were “What a Wonderful World”, “Moon River” and “As Time Goes By”.   I also sang a song in front of the audience.  The song is called “Loving You”.  I did pretty well and hit the high notes perfectly.  So, me and my friends who are also women from East Asia were quite impressed by that.  Anyway, I’m crazy about music and singing, so that’s really my thing.

The most exciting part of the party was the game called “Truth or Dare”.  All of us gathered in a circle and took turns to play the game.  When it was my turn, I chose “Truth”.  Fortunately, the question wasn’t too embarrassing, so I did okay.

That was really a wonderful night.  What a memorable experience!  I enjoyed every minute of that party.  Although I’m not a party animal, I am into theme parties like this.

Question: What’s your favorite TV show?

Betty’s answer (Betty is a 36-year-old East Asian lady): My favourite TV show is S*x and the City which is an American romantic comedy produced by HBO.  It was on TV from 1998 to 2004, and it’s still available now on the Internet. 

The show is about four charming women in New York City.  They are close friends.  Carrie is a s*x columnist who writes for a newspaper; Samantha is a public relations agent; Charlotte is a gallery owner; Miranda is an ambitious lawyer.  They have very different personalities.

Each episode is about twenty minutes long, so it never gets boring.  The conversations in this show are hilarious.  That’s why I really like the show.  Oh, the soundtrack is also fantastic.

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East Asian Dating Website

S*x and the City won so many awards because it was extremely sensational.  Many people like this show because these four women always wear stylish clothes and trendy high heels, which is surely a feast for the eyes. 

I like this show very much because Carrie Bradshaw is my idol.  One day I want to become a columnist and write for a newspaper or a magazine.  I always love writing and I’m working hard to become a writer just like Carrie.  Also, writing for the media is a great idea because that’s like doing content marketing while getting paid.  That means I can promote myself or my own business, and at the same time the magazine or newspaper pays me money.  As a woman from East Asia, I really want to live a fabulous life like that in the future, so I’m going to have a plan and work towards my goal.

Quote: “Because these East Asian ladies have lived in western countries for many years, they are more westernized, according to their answers to my questions.”


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