My daughter is dating a loser

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asked 4 years ago

How should parents feel if their daughter dates a loser?

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Hi there. This depends on your daughter’s age. If your daughter is under 20 years old, that’s not really a problem because chances are they will break up soon – your daughter will evolve and become a different person, so she will feel attracted to a different type of guy pretty soon. However, if you are still concerned, you should figure out a way to surround your daughter with successful people. For instance, you can take your daughter to a cruise ship and have a vacation there. In that environment, she will definitely meet some wealthy people because losers can’t afford to get on a cruise ship for a holiday. Remember: once a young lady has met a large number of successful people, her taste will change – she won’t feel attracted to losers anymore. It’s just like when a young person from a small town has seen prosperous cities such as New York and London, they will realize that their small town is pretty backward or underdevelopment, so they will want to aspire to the ambiance in big cities. If your daughter is a mature woman dating a loser, you can ask her whether this is a casual fling or a serious relationship. You don’t need to worry about a fling, but if it’s serious, you should explain your concerns to her.

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