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What does it mean to be on the internet dating blacklist?

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To be on the Internet dating blacklist means you’ve been blocked by a dating site.
These reasons may cause it:
1) You have a low-effort profile with a headline which says “hi”.
2) You have a low-quality dating profile photo.
3) You have nude photos on your dating profile.
4) You use other people’s photos on your dating profile. Even though you are allowed to use CC0 photos for whatever reason you like on websites such as and as long as your reason is legal, most dating sites will blacklist you if your dating profile photo isn’t your photo – they have the technology to detect whether your photo is something downloaded from the Internet or not.
5) You have sent impolite messages to other members on a dating site.
6) You have sent nude photos to other members on the dating site.
7) You have offensive information on your dating profile.
8) You look like a robot or a fake account.
9) You are a scammer. You ask for other members’ money on the Internet.
10) You are a spammer. You send generic messages to everyone without writing a personalized message in a genuine way.
11) You have been reported by other users to the customer service team. After their investigation, they may blacklist your dating profile.
12) There is a technical error that has accidentally blacklisted your profile.
13) You don’t meet their requirements. Let’s say you have joined a millionaire dating site which expects their male members to be wealthy men. If they require you to become a certified millionaire, you must submit your tax return documents or your bank statements to prove your millionaire status. If you can’t do that, they may blacklist you. Some sugar daddy dating site require their female members to be verified beauties – women must send their photos without makeup to their customer service team to verify their beauty. If a woman can’t do that, her profile may be blacklisted as well.

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