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Dating basketball player
Basketball and dating

In today’s society many athletes are seen as Heroic figures even get treated like they are Gods walking on earth. It’s a shame. But at the same time, they have worked their whole lives to attain a goal and they have reached it. Now they have all the money and fame they could ever wish for. It doesn’t matter if they are attractive or not, it doesn’t matter what kind of persona they may have. They are now the person many aspire to be and who many also aspire to be with. It’s quite interesting when you take a deeper look into dating pro athletes, especially basketball players.

When it comes to dating we are all looking for that special person who we feel completes us. But when it comes to dating professional basketball players we are talking about an entirely different thing. There is a major downside to dating a professional athlete. Here is why. Most of the time, a pro athlete won’t have the time to focus on his significant other because he is always working or has a game out of your city. An NBA player can play up 82 games in a season over a 6month period. This can cause a lot unwanted drama and a lot of paranoia since most of the guys are seen as iconic almost heroic figures in many fans minds. When you factor in that most of these guys are millionaires who love to be flashy and flirtatious it leads many of their leading women to feel as most of their partners female fans will literally do anything to say they “know them”. This is one of the biggest problems in dating a ball player. These young men are just that, young and men. The real question to ask yourself is if you had millions of dollars would you want to be tied down to someone or able to spend your money on who or whatever you want?. Another thing to Keep in mind is who you surround yourself with. Remember that you may have friends who envy your relationship, your money and your status. They may try to take your man from you and ruin your relationship all because they desire to be just like you.

When dating someone who is a professional basketball player you also have to remember that they are paid to show up random events in random cities. They may have to do a commercial in Denver then an appearance in San Antonio all while still having to play two basketball games over the next two days, in two different cities. This can become hectic and lead many females to think they aren’t his first priority. These events are also not always PG-13 , there are plenty of events held by women for women so they can meet these young men and introduce them to their children. Many of these women could be single who knows? The questions will come up and the answers may not be what any woman wants to here.

All of that being said, there are also some very good reasons and interesting positives that can come from dating a professional ball player. For example, if you ever wanted to sit courtside at a NBA game you have now have that luxury. Heck, instead of having to pay $2,000-$3,000 for that seat like anyone else would you now also have the privilege of going into the VIP section of the stadium where you will receive free food and drinks. And if sitting courtside isn’t your thing, you can always go upstairs to a nice comfortable suite where you will be waited on until the end of the game. Another aspect in the wild life of a dating or marrying pro ball player is that you will have some of the nicest things you could ever imagine. First class flights, amazing vacations to Paris, any handbag or clothes you may want, any jewelry is yours, and any car as well. Also you may have multiple luxurious homes with people to make your meals and trainers to keep you in tip top shape. It’s definitely a wild ride. But it gets even better.

For many women being attracted to their husband may or may not be important. But if you’re dating a pro athlete it’s his job to be in the best shape he can be at all times. He will more than likely work out at least 2-3 times a day doing rigorous work outs so he can have a leg up on his competition. For all those women who love a solid six pack and nice arms a ball player could be all you could ever ask for. One last thing to mention is that you will also have the luxury of being able to do what you want to do and pursue your dreams. Imagine having an extra million dollars to focus on your artwork or fashion interests with. You could come up with some very creative personal ideas, along with an art studio if your heart truly desires it. As you see there are many negatives and many positives to dating a pro basketball player. But at the end of the day It just comes down to if you are happy with your significant other and your relationship or are you both just using each other for your own personal gain. It’s a thin line, but we can always admit that having true love, is way more valuable than anything anyone could ever buy you.

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