Are Polish women traditional wives or westernized girls? ???

Polish women

Many years ago, I would say that Polish women were traditional wives because they were not brainwashed by American TV shows and Hollywood movies at that time. However, today I would say that a lot of women from Poland are very westernized, which can be disappointing. Having said that, there are still many good Polish girls that you can date.

  • If you are looking for a traditional wife from Poland, you may want to meet a pre-school teacher.

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Amelia (a 25-year-old Polish lady – a pre-school teacher from Poland): In the contemporary world, it is a common belief that traditional games are better than modern games in helping children cultivate their abilities.  I find this view unconvincing due to the following reasons.

Modern games actually foster more specific skills that are required in this day and age.  First and foremost, modern games are characterized by electronic devices, which means the skills to use digital devices adeptly can be trained via playing modern games.  It seems to me that modern technologies have fundamentally changed our life.  Therefore, mastering these technologies is an absolute necessity.  The second reason is modern games nurture team spirit and the ability to cooperate with others.  This is true in that being able to collaborate with others is a key skill in any organization.  The final reason is familiarity with modern games can probably lead to careers in animation or video-game design because video games have become a popular industry.  It is apparent that mastering this skill increases young people’s employment opportunities.

I would acknowledge that traditional games such as chess can help youngsters to develop independent thinking skills.  This argument has considerable merit in that competitive strategies are also significant in this world.  Having said this, nevertheless, the ability to think independently can also be cultivated in other ways such as reading.  Based on this analysis, apparently, modern games provide more benefits for children.

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In light of the aforesaid factors, I am convinced that modern games are able to help young people develop key skills.  As a result, priority should be given to modern games rather than traditional games.

  • If you are keen to marry a traditional bride from Poland, you may consider dating a Polish girl from a rural area rather than someone from a big city.

Hanna (a 23-year-old Polish beauty – she just moved to a big city): At the present time, an increasing number of people are moving from rural areas to urban areas in order to find a better life, yet meanwhile, city life has its own issues.  Today, I will analyze some relevant problems and suggest some solutions as well.

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It is obvious that issues in cities are complicated.  Firstly, the large population in cities has led to housing shortage.  For instance, in many big cities, a large number of people have to live in suburbs because the rent is too high in the city.  As a result, these people must commute to the city to work every day, which leads to the second problem – traffic congestion.  Indeed, traffic jam has become a major concern in so many cities around the world.  Take Shanghai as an example.  If someone wants to drive from the eastern side to the western side in Shanghai, they may spend six or seven hours on the road because of traffic congestion.  The third problem is pollution.  It seems that air pollution and water pollution are more severe in cities than in rural areas, and research has proved that overcrowded cities suffer from these issues even more because of the large population.

Accordingly, the solutions to the aforementioned issues should also be varied.  First and foremost, the government should supply cheaper urban housing so that workers can afford to live in cities.  For example, Australian cities such as Adelaide and Perth have government housing in city centers in order to support low-income families.  Then, the government needs to improve transport infrastructure and manage the volume of traffic.  This is due to the consideration that there are always many commuters every day.  Above all, city dwellers must raise their awareness about how to protect the environment and live in a sustainable way.  That means everyone has to help cities to address this problem before the damage caused by this trend becomes irreversible.

To summarize, several problems are caused by the increasing population in urban areas.  I believe that we should take measures including providing affordable housing in cities, improving transport infrastructure and raising public awareness about an eco-friendly lifestyle to solve those disturbing issues.

  • If you’d like to marry a wife from Poland who brings a good income to the marriage, you should totally marry a doctor.

Lena (a 33-year-old Polish woman – a doctor who works for a public hospital): Now in many countries, the average life span has increased dramatically. I intend to explore the issues caused by this phenomenon and offer some effective solutions as well.

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The problems caused by a much longer average life expectancy are multiple.  To begin with, the ageing population creates a huge burden for the government.  Specifically, taxpayers must work harder in order to financially support the ageing population who are not in the workforce anymore.  Also, it seems that more and more families have fewer and fewer children.  In other words, fewer children must look after ageing parents in the long run (e.g. a couple may have to take care of four elderly parents while working full-time and taking care of their children, which realistically becomes a concern for the family).  Finally, the quality of life during those very senior years is actually quite low.  This is true in that some senior citizens do not really enjoy life because of various medical conditions. Lots of Polish women would have the same viewpoint.

Given the above problems, I am convinced that immediate actions must be taken to combat this situation.  Priority should be given to a more reasonable allocation of government funds.  More exactly, the government already wastes a lot of money on space exploration while people have enough problems on the planet; consequently, the government should allocate more funds to support the ageing population.  Besides, having more children should be encouraged, especially in developed countries such as Australia and New Zealand.  More specifically, the government can give people incentives to give birth to more children so that the structure of the population can strike a balance.  Most importantly, the community would be well-advised to take care of the wellbeing of senior citizens by giving them proper quality time such as learning something new in the community center.  Clearly, the quality of life of senior citizens would certainly be improved if the society could make an effort to help them improve their lifestyle.

In sum, the increasing average life expectancy has engendered a wide array of problems; therefore, we should take a wide range of measures, including allocating government funds in a more sensible way, encouraging couples to have more children and offering senior citizens more support in the community to address those worrying issues.


Polish women can be traditional wives, but these days some of them have become very westernized.

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