7 Important Things That You Should Know About Chilean Women

Chilean girl of your dreamsChilean women are not among the most popular ladies in Latin America. However, they are underrated beauties who are warm and welcoming to people from all around the world.

Getting the Chilean girl of your dreams may represent a challenge for different reasons, the first one being the language barrier. Similarly to Argentine women, getting the love and affection of a Chilean lady requires not only speaking Spanish but understanding a difficult accent and slang.

Furthermore, Chilean women love meeting new people and talking, so if you’re not that experienced in the romantic department, they will make you feel more comfortable. Scroll down to read everything you need to know before pursuing a Chilean woman.

1) Chilean women talk a lot. As said before, ladies from Chile love to talk. A LOT. Ask them simple questions and they will happily expand on the subject. Although this may seem a little overwhelming, pay attention and show how much of a good listener you can be, it’ll give you some points.

2) Chilean Spanish is the hardest to understand. You may think you can speak Spanish but think again. The slangs, accent, and cadence of Chilean women make their words difficult to make up. Thankfully, a lot of them can speak very good English, but you could still learn some Spanish terms to impress them.

Chilean ladies are different

3) Chilean women are the most laid-back latinas.  Yes, women from Latin America are known for being hot and passionate, but also intense and dramatic (blame the telenovelas). Chilean ladies are different in that sense. While still exotic and beautiful, they have a quiet quality in their personality that makes them more easy going. On the other hand, it’ll probably take you more time to get them to open up in conversations, besides superficial small talk.

Chilean ladies are mostly

4) Chilean women are okay with PDA. Even though they are mostly quiet until they feel comfortable around you, Chilean women are open to making out in public spaces, sometimes they may even insist on doing it. They’re also known for being very good kissers, so if you fall for one, you may be in for a treat!

Chilean women are open

5) Chilean women like knowing what they’re getting themselves into. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or to hang out, they’ll expect you to be upfront very early on. If you tell them that you are aiming to commit, things may go fast. Prepare to meet her parents soon and think of a public declaration. There are no intimate proposals in Chile.

Chilean women love meeting

6) Chilean women are very close to their family. As mentioned before, you’re very likely to meet the huge amount of family members that she sees on every birthday. From her fathers, brothers and sisters to her aunts, uncles, and cousins, you better get along with them.

While still exotic and beautiful, Chilean women have a quiet quality in their personality that sets them apart from other Latin American girls.

Dating a lady from Chile

7) Chilean women love men who are educated. Intelligence is as important for women in Chile like it is for ladies worldwide. Chilean girls love to learn new things and will listen to anything you have to share, particularly if it is about your goals and achievements.

intimate proposals in Chile. 

8) Chilean women usually go out in groups. As a result, your first encounter with the Chilean girl of your dreams may include some of her friends. Remain approachable and be friendly to all of them, but focus your attention on her.

ladies from Chile

9) Chilean women prefer tall men. Since their overall high is around 5 ft (157.2 cm) this shouldn’t be that hard. Chilean ladies are mostly attracted to men who are taller and older, and seemingly wiser and stronger. Although they are modern in a lot of areas, they remain traditional in the sense of wanting a man to look up to, even when they are completely independent. However, this doesn’t mean that (if you’re shorter or younger) you don’t get a chance, but they may not be that flirty, initially.

pursuing a Chilean woman.

10) Chilean women love the little things in life. Dating a lady from Chile is endearing because of how much they value the everyday things like a delicious breakfast, a glass of wine or a walk in the park. Their attitude is infectious and will make you appreciate everything around that much more.

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  • Unfortunately, many women in Chile cannot boast with slender figures and do not claim to be the hottest Latin American beauties. More bluntly, most of them simply suffer from obesity. It would seem strange, because the main population of this country is the descendants of European immigrants and indigenous Indians who lived on these lands for hundreds of years. But the well-known fact, that very beautiful children are born from different nations, at least the very same Colombian women clearly demonstrate this. This law of nature does not work with Chileans. However, the point is quite different. Many Chilean girls make themselves unattractive. In this country there is a real cult of meat and junk food. You’ll understand everything if you see what Chilean girls eat every day: huge hot dogs (here they are called “Completo”), tortillas, french fries, beans with garlic, a lot of stewed or fried meat. And all this, of course, is usually washed down with Coca-Cola or other sweet carbonated drinks.

    • Probably you are right, but it can be said that these girls are not confused with their figures at all, and they feel attractive and sexy, even if their weight is 100 kg. They feel great in their body, Fernando Botero would certainly appreciate them. Therefore, they do not consider it necessary to go in for sports, go to the gym, watch their figures or moderate the appetite. Probably, their men do not think so, but that is another story. I also want to add that these women don’t dress very well or extravagant. Even without trying to hide their flaws, they love to wear tight-fitting clothing.

      • Charleen

        Attitudes that fall in line with yours are why I am seeking a South American wife. My simple question is, how many children do you have?

        I am USA all the way, except for the death cult of man hating feminist. I want children, Christian children raised to love their parents.

        Feminist are man haters! Feminist are life destroyers. Look at marriage and birth rates in the USA.

        Learn about sopolism, Briffault’s law and MIGTOW.

        Migtow is the deadend on the male side. It is another antibaby point of view.

        I could go on but who reads this stuff?

  • As for me I don’t agree with previous comments. It cannot be said that all the girls of Chile are not hot. There are a large number of beauties in Chile, thanks God everything is not so hopeless. It is clear that among men, such girls are considered to be real diamonds. They are educated, have a fairly broad outlook, they’re modest, obstinate, shy. In addition, they are able to emphasize and correctly present their sexuality. As a rule, in Chile there is no certain type of local beauties. Here there are light-skinned blue-eyed blondes and hot brown-eyed dark-skinned women with long black hair.

    • Hello
      What cities would you suggest living? How much is an apartment generally? I am coming from San Francisco California!!

  • I don’t agree with all the information written above. Chilean women are not lazy. They’re almost always very positive, good-natured and smiling. They’re extremely family oriented and take it very seriously. Chileans take responsibility for caring for the household and at the same time feel obligated to contribute to the family budget. They have a strong sense of respect for their men, and their family simply has no equal.

  • As a chilean guy I can tell you at some point in my life I became sick of my countrywomen, probably because of my mindset so I admit I’m biased against. That said, yes, you are right to some extent, but my country is pretty much divided by social barriers, highly resembling castes. Thus the kind of woman you are referring to most likely comes from high mid class homes, it’s not true that the majority is obese, however there are some traits as certain “sloppiness” in dressing, trait that we guys share with our female counterparts. Character wise I think, overall, you are spot on though. BTW I’m very happy with my mexican mate, so chileans are utterly out of the picture for me, in spite of all this, yes, you’ll find women over here who are pretty and smart, just be advised that soft talking doesn’t equal soft-hearted, so don’t fall quickly for any chilean gal with these characteristics, take your time.

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