Can a Ukrainian woman date a British-born Indian aspie man like me?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsCan a Ukrainian woman date a British-born Indian aspie man like me?
Virendra Patel asked 7 years ago

I am still a single man at 44, of Indian background, living in Western Europe and always been ignored by West European and Indian women (including British born), as far as friendship and dating are concerned. I was officially diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, in November 2011 (meaning I have limited or no social skills), as a result of my condition. I also have Educational difficulties (diagnosed in May 2008) and am Working Class by status (low-skill Employed).

I live in a country, where as a Minority, immigrants and anybody of foreign extraction, are less favourable and they would only gain low-paid unskilled Employment.

How do I tell a Ukrainian or Russian woman the truth about me? Should I lie? I do not know what to do.

At present, I have an account on a Ukrainian and Russian dating website and have lots of women emailing me and requesting to chat. I want to, but have to pay and also fear the women behind the pictures, may be fake and a scam, but also many of these women may want to cause me further distress against me, simply because the men in their own countries, are drunk, unfaithful and violent, which I am not.

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answered 7 years ago

Dear Vierendra Patel, first of all thank you for your question. We are glad we can help. The situation you told us is not the easiest one, but good news is that Slavic women look for true love and still believe in it no matter what, so, be sure the right woman will accept you the way you are with all that comes alongside with your unique personality. There is no point of lying to Russian girls as thus, you risk losing their trust and there won’t be a way out of it. What to do/ is talking to them, not emphasizing on your problems, let the girls know the real you and be honest with what comes with your physical conditions. The right woman will be with you, keep on believing!

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