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The League: Date Intelligently


What The League Has to Offer The League presents itself as a no nonsense dating app for those seeking professional, ambitious and intelligent singles….

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LuvByrd: The App for Outdoor Enthusiasts


LuvByrd is an interest driven dating app for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there. The outdoorsy niche is often overlooked although camping, snowboarding, skiing…

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Paktor: All the Details


Paktor claims to be an app to “meet new friends” but it is actually an Asian dating application similar to Tinder. It has the…

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Top 10 Dating Apps


Nowadays we spend most of our time on our smart phones, be it for talking to friends and family or social media it is…

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Is Worth Your Attention?

by, a member site of Qpid Network, is a greatly popular online dating site, where numerous women from Southeast Asia have enrolled as members,…

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Top 6 Phillipine Dating Sites


Online dating sites have recently become very common and popular, people find them convenient and easy to use. They also make it easier for…