Meet Gentle Lady Flower from Tiraspol, Moldova


24, Tiraspol, Moldova
Nice to meet you in Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe, with its national color and traditions. It has fascinating history and, for sure, you will be impressed by its culture. Bordering with Ukraine and Romania it comprises some traditions of these both countries, plus it still has mark of being a part of USSR till 1991. All this makes Moldova interesting to learn about.
Moldovan women are the brightest “decoration” of this country. Serious and responsible by nature, disciplined and persistent ladies, they will make you feel warm at once! Moldovan girl posseses the ability of learning from her own mistakes. She likes to have fun, she enjoys humor, loves her friends and family. She is very sensitive, caring and devoted person.
One of Moldovan woman’s best characteristic is that she has an easy going attitude. Life is so short, so take it easy and enjoy every moment of it. She focuses hard on what she is doing. Moldovan lady has the ability to listen to others. She loves to listen to what others have to say.

Of course, nobody is perfect and Moldovan lady is not too. She is an ordinary girl. She has the same problems as everyone else.

She dreams to love and be loved. Her wish is to have strong family and cute children, a cozy house and simple woman’s happiness…
The woman form Moldova believes in fidelity. If she could make one law in life, it could be “respect”! Respect people and life itself. She is passionate person with tender soul and kind heart. The world has changed and life taught Moldovan woman to be a strong person. What people think to be strong features has much to do with country’s cultural values and lifestyle.
Lady Flower from Tiraspol is unique woman because she is a great optimist! She is easy to deal with. She never gives up. Her heart is so big and open that she can give you all her affection. She is not demanding, but mature and serious.
Lady Flower would like to meet a man that she would be excited to bring around her friends or take home to meet her parents. She likes man with good heart! He needs to be a genuinely good person and of course to love her unconditionally. She will be always for him also in bad and good moments! Sharing the best of each other is great thing! Are you ready for such discovery?