Meet gentle Luna Lucky from Samarkand, Uzbekistan


25, Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Welcome to Uzbekistan, country that is situated in Central Asia , and known for its ancient history, amazing architecture and varied culture. It used to be the part of the USSR, but today it is an independent country with its own traditions and peculiarities.
Samarkand is one of the largest cities of Uzbekistan. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this oldest city of Central Asia, by Islamic architecture, by breathtaking view!You will find out one more fact that women from Uzbekistan are highly educated with strong moral and family values. They have a cheerful and bright character. They are very family oriented, take care of their home, clean and cook! They really adore cooking! And Uzbek cuisine is so tasty! If you are in this country, it would be impossible not to taste their plov, special Uzbek dish made of rice.
Uzbek women are kind and good-spirited. They always try to remain positive, even when times are difficult or sad. We have one life and there should be not time for sadness!!!
Women from Uzbekistan are reliable, hard working and deep, loyal in relationships and always willing to give a hand of help to those who need!
Be ready that they will always give you their opinion on something. They appreciate honesty in everything. It is life position of Uzbek woman. She likes to learn new things and having new experiences. She will be happy to hear about your favorite things in life and share her experiences with you! So, who knows, maybe you can do some of them together???
Woman form Uzbekistan is usually calm and reserved. She hates cheating and try to be honest all the time. It is so important to find a person you can rely on in this life. In this country that keeps high values it will be not so difficult to find responsible woman and confident one, woman who will never betray, lie or cheat. She will be light for you in dark times, will be the reason of your smile on a bright day! You’ll be happy to wake up and fall asleep with this treasure…
Luna Lucky from Samarkand positive and energetic woman. She has a great sense of humor. She can be very passionate with her man. Do you want to become her man? She can be so tender with you… Luna Lucky is very open-minded in a company, and is not afraid to express her true feeling and emotions. She can be shy and can be free and talk all day long and be silent. You need to try hard in order to make her mad or offend her. Luna Lucky prefers to solve conflicts in a calm way. You will never find the way out with yelling.

Every woman desires to be sensual, seductive and to find her true man, who will make her dreams to come true. Age for this woman is not important! She needs a strong man who will not be afraid to overcome life’s challenges and at the same time will not loose the opportunity to make his woman feel loved and desired.

Tender, loving and open Luna Lucky prefers to start her day with a good mood and always keeps positive. Namely this works for her! Because happiness doesn’t come to angry people. So be happy and always smile! And the day will answer you with the same!
Draw out your happy ticket and find love together with Luna Lucky! You will feel loved with this woman. You will realize what true feelings mean, and understand for yourself the true definition of the family!