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28, Sumy, Ukraine
It would be a mistake to assume that there is nothing to see in Sumy and where to go. Sumy is a great city where all tourists and guests of the city can spend a nice time alone or with friends or a family. The city has a rich history and a great amount of tourist attractions. The city has more than 60 significant sights. These are not only ancient temples, but also interesting museums, monuments, squares. Here we would like to present the list of the best places to visit and rest in Sumy.
House-museum of Chekhov. Initially, this building was the wing of the estate of landlords Lintvarovyh. This house was rent by a great writer. During two years of staying here, many friends, colleagues at the writers visited Chekhov in the house.
Art Museum. Almost all the paintings appeared there in a result of the nationalization of private collections. Today, the exposition is widely represented by works of Italian, Flemish, Dutch, Russian and other famous painters.
If you talk about what to see in Sumy, you should definitely visit one of the city’s symbols. The fountain monument is a symbol of the city. Inside it hangs a copper bag with the money from which water pours out. Among the locals and tourists, the tradition has already come to the fore: to moisten the face, hands, purses and bags with this water.
Entertaining complex “San Remo”. Near the Voskresenskaya street, closer to its beginning, the complex “San Remo” is an ideal place for lovers of night-time lifestyles. You can come here with a girlfriend or with a company of friends – nobody will be bored.

By the way, the city also has a lot of romantic places. Vlada lives in Sumy and she perfectly knows about the most beautiful places in the city.

She has a romantic soul, and one of her favorite places is a wonderful summer house. This is the business card of the city, it is notable for the fact that it was built without a single nail. This is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the nature. This is one of the most romantic places. Also, if you want to build relationship with Vlada, it is recommended regularly surprise her. Some small gifts like a bouquet of flowers or a bar of chocolate will make her happy.
Many men believe that after the first date you can not call at once, trying to get the girl worried or even call first. She may well choose the same tactic, and sometimes just be disappointed. Therefore, if you really liked the first date, it would be wise to call the next day and invite the chosen one for a second date. This is the best option for both of you. You should make the first step and be brave enough to lead your relationship with Sumy women.
Also you shouldn’t forget about compliments. There are many ways to attract the attention of the girl. It is worth remembering, the key to success is an unconventional approach. This same rule applies to verbal manifestations of sympathy – that is, compliments. Compliments can be completely different! With their help you can express your interest, frank sympathy, admiration for the character and beauty of your chosen one.