Meet Shiny Charlene from Davao City, Philippines.


22, Davao City , Philippines
Shiny Charlene from Philippenes
The Philippines is an island nation in the western Pacific. The warmth and natural hospitality of the nations’ 78 million Filipinos is known throughout the world. The 111 cultural, linguistic and racial groups endow the Filipino people with varying customs and traditions, marked by Chinese, American, and Spanish overtones. In spite of their diversity, Filipinos have basically two dominant traits: a love of family and a strong religious faith.
Davao City, or Metro Davao is officially called Metropolitan Davao in Southern Philippines. It is one of twelve metropolitan areas in the Philippines. It is largely gaining popularity not only as travel destination but one of the top cities to settle, and retire at.
One of the thriving, and big industry in the city is Sashimi. Thi is the reason why Davao City is also known as “the Sashimi Capital of the Philippines”.
Not only Sashimi and rich history make Davao city place of interest but also women! Amazing, sincere, beautiful Filipino women.
Parents raise Filipino girls as real women, as future wives and as mothers. They taught them to be feminine, be caring and be a support for their future partner. Filipino girls are always positive and open, easy to make new acquaintances.
They are real optimists and believe in miracles, believe in the great and sincere love, believe in forgiveness, believe in compassion. Filipinos are honest with people and can not stand liars. They have very sensitive nature.
Filipino women are mixture of interesting features: they are strong, courageous, patient but still tender, beautiful and intelligent, sexy and passionate. They are full of energy and like to take everything from this beautiful life, have a warm heart capable of true and pure love.

Charlene is a young Filipino girl form a nice city of Davao who is looking for her special man, for her destiny. She is simple girl with kind heart and great sense of humor!

She likes to laugh and make people happy next to her. She is a good listener, she can support in hard moments in life and try to help. Charlene is a compassionate person and treat people in the way she wishes them to treat her. She hates gossips and never judge people. Charlene just enjoys life and does all for her dreams comes true! Do you want to help her in realization of her dreams?! Do you want to share all sad and happy moments with her? Take your chance and send message to this beautiful lady. Who knows, maybe she us your destiny?