Meet Glamour Jenny from Bogota, Colombia


29, Bogota , Colombia
Glamour Jenny from Colombia
You are welcome to Colombia, the only South American country with Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. With over 300 beaches in the country, you can have your pick. The name “Colombia” is derived from the last name of the explorer Christopher Columbus. Colombia is the world’s leading source of emeralds and its coffee is world-renown. Home to 1,879 species of bird, Colombia has most diversity of birds in the world. You will be impressed by colors and tones of lakes, rivers, beaches and ocean.
Located near the center of South America’s second-most populous nation, Bogota is the capital city of the Republic of Colombia. At 8,360ft above sea level Bogota is the highest city in the world with a population greater than 7 million. It has also been named one of the smartest cities with many modern advances like its TransMilenio public transportation and bicycle lane, where 75 miles of Bogota roads are shut down for bikers, runners, and roller-bladers every Sunday.

Being in this country and in the city of  you will be impressed by nature, tasty cuisine, architecture, and of course by Bogota women who prefer sound lifestyle and have some healthy habits like jogging, doing sports, dances, wholesome eating and just staying in a good mood!

They are not like the others, maybe they just are not used to live by a template. They have the wide ocean of passions inside them – that’s a fact! Colombian women’s energy is enough to pay attention to all the relatives and friends. They easily combine work and study, play sports and lead housework.
Mostly they are easy going, positive and kind women who are looking for an honest, caring man who would be their husband and best friend with whom they will realize all their dreams, ideas and desires.
Colombian girls want to rely on their man, hoping him to be generous, gentle and mature, to find a man who can feel Colombian woman’s heart and decide to love her from his heart and who will wake up her passion by his passion.
Passionate Jenny from Colombian capital Bogota is one of the girls with open heart and big desire of finding her man. She has big hopes to meet a man who can share the joys and sorrows with her. Love really needs courage. All she wants – is happiness. And being loved by a man she is in love with is great happiness for Jenny. If you are devoted and loyal person and you think you match her, do not loose the opportunity and drop a message to brown-eyed Jenny with the raven hair.