Adorable Marina from Dominican Republic


28, Santiago, Dominican Republic
Welcome to Dominican Republic and one of its cities, Santiago, beautiful place with which you fall in love at first sight…
In Santiago live beautiful and charming Dominican women, passionate and hot, sexy and sociable. They are easy to talk to. Thy are very positive- like a ray of sun. Dominican girls are active, caring, sincere, and optimist. They love to give people positive emotions. They love romance, love creating romantic atmosphere, creativity, new ideas for a romantic dinner, romantic sex, romantic to create a stimulating environment. For them reciprocity and love, faithfulness, tenderness, respect and trust to each other is very important. Dominican woman will be sincere, loyal, loving, gentle bride, important to her will be your wisdom and kindness, your age does not matter to her. Woman should always remain a woman! Two loving hearts can overcome everything and reach harmony and happiness. Everything that happens around can do you only good and change your life for the better.
Dominican women try to make wonders themselves and find positive sides in every event or situation. Family values is on the first place in the list of priorities. To have strong happy family – nothing could compare with this feeling. Kind positive bonds with people is also important for them as it helps to be in harmony with yourself.
Dominican lady is lady with virtue, she knows what is the price of the relationships in today’s world. One of the most important ingridients of the family life is, of course, responsibility. This feature teaches us to be better. She will make her house cozy for her dearest people, her table will be full with tasty dishes. She will do all her best in order to be proud of her family and her future house.

Having the great power of love inside her, Dominican woman wants to give it to her beloved man. She is serious woman and if she uses dating site like this, it means she uses it only for reliable relations.

Future family and her special man are for sure priorities in her life. Thy are very friendly and caring, but with the power to protect herself when situation requires. Curious and adventurous sometimes, but a true housewife in a cozy family place.
You know, Dominican woman still believes that woman should be weak and man should be her ‘demigod’: the main protector and supplier. Wife should take care of the house and children and wait for the husband in their cozy “cave”, and man should be able to kill a buffalo like it was many many years ago… LOL. What do you think about this?
Marina, Dominican woman from Santiago, appreciates every moment and day of her life. She is positive and optimistic person, dreams about her own family and her second half. She hopes that here she will meet her man and can start new page in her life. Hopefully she finds her love here and will be happy! She likes to be cheerful and enjoys when life gives her pleasant surprises! A real woman needs to be feminine, passionate, caring and tender. The only thing Marina dreams about is to love and to be loved, because your work will not warm you up on a cold winter day… She dreams to feel her loving man’s intimacy every day, his arms around her and his smile when she gets up in the morning.
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