Meet Brilliant Ligia from Puntarenas, Costa Rica.


36, Puntarenas,Costa Rica
Welcome to Costa Rica! Caribbean beaches are indeed breathtaking jaw dropping. White sand, crystal water. What more can you ask for? So romantic, a real heaven you might say.
Puntarenas is the capital and largest city in the Province of Puntarenas. Here are several nice places that are worth looking at if you decide to spend your holiday there.
Maybe one of your visit reason is finding and meeting your future destiny in this country. Being in Puntarenas you will be definetly impressed by Costa Rican women. They are very beautiful and love dancing. Passionate and like to express their feelings through movements and body. They are curious, educated, open-hearted, active and tender ladies who are in search of their partner, a real man who will make all his woman’s dreams come true.
One of the most important things for Costa Rican girl is to keep her soul clear. She hates lies and always asks for honesty. She knows exactly what she wants in life and is goal-oriented woman.
Costa Rican women are fresh like morning breeze. They believe in Love. Always! They are gentle like field flower. Positive and communicative, they can easily find a lot of common with each person. The dream of every girl is to meet the life partner and create the family and live an interesting life, full of love, happiness and child’s` laugh.

Comparing to the American women Costa Rican lady is homebody. The priority for her is her man, her family, her kids, her house. Carrier is not what she is dreaming and thinking about. She has other moral values. It all comes from the knowledge of essence of life. Even after death life continues, in our children, in their laughter and eyes.

Ligia from Costa Rica will open you the door to wonderful world. She is positive and have enough energy that she can share with people. She was brought in old fashion traditions. And family and her future lovely man will be the most important in life! Ligia enjoys her life and tries to get maximum from life. Maybe you are her true love and the right man! Find it out by writing her a gentle love note.
Life is about enjoying it and living it with dignity. Ligia wants to share it with her future second half, every minute of it, every morning and evening…sharing dreams and thoughts, supporting and protecting each other.