Let a pretty Donetsk lady become an essential part of your life


26, Donetsk, Ukraine
The land of the Ukraine keeps supplying men from all around the world with loyal and loving wives, and this trend does not show any sort of decrease. On the contrary, every year sees increasing numbers of foreigners who come to the Ukraine and marry the best Ukrainian ladies. Today, you have a chance of meeting a precious girl, named Viktoria who comes for the Eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk. However, even though the interest towards the Ukrainian women is quite high, those Westerners who visit the country, do not even know anything about it apart from its name and the fact that Russian and Ukrainian are spoken here. Therefore, before you start dating Viktoria, please, dedicate some of your time to reading this article and acquiring some basic knowledge of Donetsk.
Donetsk is the administrative centre of the Donetsk Oblast. The latter means a province in the Ukrainian language. It is mainly populated by the Russian-speaking population who prefers to use Russian instead of Ukrainian in their everyday life. The language-related issues are one of the tensest in the modern Ukraine due to the ongoing conflict in the East. Donetsk itself is currently under control of the Donetsk People’s Republic which does not recognise the Ukrainian government after the illegal coup of 2014. Therefore, the situation remains quite dangerous and on the verge of escalating once again into a hot war, like it already did once back in 2014-2015.
Nevertheless, we should probably dig deeper and make ourselves familiar with the history of the city and not only its current issues. All of the south and the east of the Ukraine were once dominated by the Ottoman Turks. The things started to change with the increase of the Russian power and the emergence of Russia as a new world superpower apart from France and Britain. Therefore, the Russians managed to conquer these lands and expel the Turks forever. The city was known to the foreigners because of its industrial possibilities. In the second half of the XIX century, Welsh businessman, John Hughes built a steel plant and several coal mines. Frankly speaking, from that moment and up until our days, Donetsk has been known as the miners’ capital because many other coal mines were built in the area. It played a very important role in the economy of the former USSR and the Russian Empire. Both largely relied on the coal supplies emanating from the region.

Even today, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic is able to provide herself with enough financial means to carry on existing mainly because of the coal exports even to the hostile Ukrainian state.

As you are now more or less familiar with the political circumstances and history of Donetsk, we can introduce you to a marvellous Ukrainian lady, Viktoria. Just as the rest of the Ukrainian beauties, she has inherited all the necessary features to become the best partner or wife. She is caring and wants to be devoted only to one man. However, she expects the same sort of loyalty from her soulmate. At the same time, it is worth outlining that she had an unfortunate experience with another man and is now divorced and takes care of her sole child. That is a hard burthen to carry, given the hardships that Donetsk peoples are exposed to.
Thus, it is up to you to decide whether you are prepared to take care of Viktoria and love her, or she would better off with someone else. Make your choice!