Gorgeous single Kharkiv woman Anastasia from Ukraine


20, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Single Kharkiv woman Anastasia is one of the females decided to use local Kharkiv marriage agency hoping to find her future partner. She wants her soulmate to be a man belonging to different culture and nation because according to her point of view the international family is something very exciting and refreshing.
She has never been married and has no kids. Her dream is having children together with her one and only and raise them together letting them take the very best from both cultures their mother and dad are belonging to.
Having deep and many-sided personality she thinks of herself as:

• Open-minded with no conservative views.
• Kind-hearted and caring, always ready to help those who are in need.
• Tolerant and calm, preferring to resolve all issues by calm discussion.
• Optimist, always seeing a glass half full.
• Caring and attentive person.

The same like other Ukrainian girls for dating she dreams not just to find a man to live together with and a man without whom she can’t live. She firmly believes that every person in this world has own twin soul and investing enough time and efforts is possible to find it. And the initial spark of love appearing between two people is very important because exactly it will create the fire of love making possible true and solid family relationship after.