Welcome to the world of Gorgeous Miracle from Kharkov, Ukraine


34, Kharkov, Ukraine
So, welcome to Ukraine, country of amazing music, melodious language and charming women. Being here, you will notice that the hospitality towards foreigners is very warm. And Kharkov, the second largest city of Ukraine is a very loved place for travelers.
You will be impressed by long and bright history of this country, by its high moral values, by the grace and beauty of local women. Ukrainian women are intelligent first of all, kind, loyal, charismatic and interesting. They are smiling and cheerful. They love to laugh and enjoy life. Ukrainian girl always tries to be honest and faithful. She appreciates good attitude and keep high moral values. She loves to create a holiday from ordinary day. She is responsive and kind. She will always give a helping hand because she is sweet and tender girl, who can be emotional and explosive. It is very good for a woman’s features.
Meet Gorgeous Miracle from Kharkov, wonderful person who lacks just one thing in her life – her lifetime partner, lover and best friend! All in one! And she is willing to find him here on this site. Gorgeous Miracle likes to be successful and her main goal is to be successful in all parts of life! Now she needs to find truthful relationships and she will be absolutely happy! She is the girl who is not afraid of difficulties and ready for new feelings.
Gorgeous Miracle is sentimental person often take everything close to heart, but do not consider it her disadvantage! A real lady should be weak and delicate, which she. She is lady and will not play games with you. As any woman she wants to be the one and the most beloved by her special man. Getting to know Ukrainian women better, you will find out that they are tender and sweet ladies, very optimistic. They like to have fun, to have good time with friends.

They can be quite shy but this is because of good education only.

Beautiful lady of Ukraine with open eyes and full of vital energy. Were you not looking for such a lady all your life? Ukrainian women don’t think life is hard thing, they know how amazing and great life is this. They are caring, warm-hearted, , emotional, tender, loving, funny, kind, and sincere. They are open minded, they love to do things, they have never done before. They have great sense of taste and style. They are educated, you can rely on them, sincere, open and friendly. Ukrainian woman is a mixture of a weak lady and a strong one. They are passionate and emotional but at the same time very goal-oriented and hard-working. Personal relationships stand on the first place. As any person on this world Ukrainian woman hates to be alone. They are great at getting people to laugh and look at the bright side of things. She is genuine! She accepts life as it is. You are tired of women from your country, who are cold and forgot their femininity while thinking only about carrier? Ukrainian woman will remind you what love is…passion and true family.