Get acquainted with Affectionate Mayerli Andrea from Bogota, Colombia.

Mayerli Andrea

25, Bogota , Colombia
Affectionate Mayerli Andrea from Colombia
You always dreamed to visit some exotic country with interesting hisotry and beautiful women?! So welcome to Colombia, state of well-known Colombian musicians-Shakira and Juanes, country of passionate dances: dancing can look like people are having sex dressed; and crazy driving: funny, risky, everyone has its own rules. Everything you can imagine is sold on the street. You can buy unities: one cigarette, one chewing-gum, etc. Weather is almost the same all year long. And at 6pm, it’s dark.
Bogota is a city of outstanding architecture, unique among its Latin American counterparts for its fondness for red brick and interesting buildings designed by architects who couldn’t resist mingling their modernism with the capital’s colonial beauty. Bogota houses the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, the biggest theater festival in the world every two years. The motto of the city is “2600 meters closer to the stars”, in reference its altitude above sea level.

Colombian women are the great and one of the most important chapters in the “country’s book”. You will be amazed by their beauty and passion. They are sincere and kind, with a good sense of humor and very energetic ladies.

Colombian girls are easygoing, curious and enthusiastic. They can be your good friend but also are very caring and gentle, smart, witty and intelligent. They have strong family values and dream to have a loving husband next to them.
Being passionate women, they are ready to love and to be loved. Usually they are confident in themselves and their decisions. They believe in peace in the world, and wish all people to be happy. Beautiful and smart, communicative and provocative, open-minded and curious, they will be happy to discover this world together with you.
One of their dreams is to live surrounded by blessings of true love and friendship, tenderness and harmony. Would you like to dream together and make your dreams come true? Person should be discovered, not just described.
Such a person as Mayerli Andrea, gentle woman from Bogota,is impossible to forget. She will not let. She will remind you of all the feelings that you get while she hugs you, kisses you, whispers the words in your ears and make you feel the best man in the world. She is very cheerful and optimistic Colombian lady and just beautiful woman. She knows how to enjoy every day, goes forward and not look back. Everywhere where Mayerli Andrea appears, it is fun, her friends are always happy with her. She is very positive and open girl. She loves the same optimistic people with a good sense of humor and a kind heart. She is sure that the main quality of her personality is kindness and big heart. If you are attracted to her eyes full of tenderness, life gives you a chance to write to her and to find out whether it is your destiny or not. Don’t be shy to write and ask her! Mayerli Andrea will be so glad to talk with you!