Find Your True Love In Mykolaiv, Ukraine


22, Mykolayiv, Ukraine
Mykolaiv is impressive with its rivers, canyons and the biggest rapids in Ukraine. Previously Nikolayev was called the city of ships, because here it was the first aircraft carrier, passenger ships and cruisers to be built. Today there is the world’s only museum of shipbuilding and navy, in which tourists can not only observe the production of ships, but also master yachting-sports.
Outside of the city is a unique, similar to the American, canyon and plain river Southern Bug, which behaves like a mountain river. The peculiarity of this river is that the water in it is warm, which makes it the most comfortable for rafting.
But Mykolaiv is also popular because of its girls. Mykolaiv women are considered the most beautiful ladies in Ukraine. The mild climate of the city let the girls to look attractive at the any season of the year. These girls prefer reliable men with great sense of humor. By the way, joint studies of psychologists have shown that for long-term communication, women choose smiling and cheerful partners; but for a short flirtation – dreamers and romantics.
425 women took part in the research. In the first part, experts showed 310 male participants of the project male images with indifferent and smiling expressions of faces. Scientists asked to choose from them those with whom women would like to build a family or hold a one-time meeting. With rare exceptions, for the construction of long-term relationships, ladies chose the second option – men of a cheerful image. At first glance, a paradoxical situation is developing: for a serious relationship, a weak sex prefers in overwhelming cases of smiling men.

In the future, we found out that such partners are associated with women with reliability, which will not leave them in any situations.

In the second part of the experiment, the same picture was shown to the other 115 participants, but in this case they were asked to assess the man’s masculinity and responsibility. It turned out that indifference in mimicry is associated in women with masculinity, and gaiety with the loyalty of a partner. Summing up the results of the research, the scientists came to the conclusion: for a joint long-term relationship, women tend to choose smiling gentlemen, while for short romantic relationships of men with a serious or neutral expression – such gentlemen are interesting to them as interlocutors and lovers.
You should know that Natalia also participated in this research and she also chose a smiling man. Natasha has great sense of humor, she likes to joke and support interesting and easy conversations. She will always make you smile and she’s the soul of any company. So, you should take into account that if you dream about serious relationship with this girl, you should smile oftener and develop your sense of humor.