Find your Love in Kiev, Ukraine


30, Kiev, Ukraine
From the Paton Bridge across the Dnieper, you can enjoy the best views of the Ukrainian capital and its Orthodox shrines. Bulgakov called Kiev the best city in the world. There is nothing more beautiful then Kiev city, and of course, Kiev women. Also there is nothing tastier than the Kiev cake in a small cafe on the Andreevsky spusk. There are hundreds of different temptations in capital city.
After lunch, you can take a car and take a trip to Khreshchatyk – on weekends it is given full control of pedestrians and pleasure crews. And after traveling a little more than a kilometer along the widest prospect of Europe, it is worth considering where to go further – to the laurel, to the ancient St. Sophia Cathedral built by Yaroslav the Wise, or to the new Vladimir temple, painted by Nesterov and Vasnetsov.
One of the most monumental monuments of Kiev is the titanium Motherland, 102 meters high. At its foot is the Museum of Ukrainian History in World War II. All the streets in the city center converge to the Independence Square – the epicenter of the political life of the country. Similar to the huge pit, the square combines Stalin’s high-rise buildings with the 50-meter Monument of Ukrainian Independence with Archangel Michael at the very top.
The full antipode of the Maidan is a bohemian-refined Andreevsky spusk – always noisy, colorful with paintings of artists and lures restaurants, shops and tunes of street musicians.
6 things to do in Kiev
• Recount the domes of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.
• Find out why Mikhailovsky Cathedral is called Zlatoverhim.
• Try all kinds of vareniki and learn the recipe for the most delicious.
• Admire Kiev from the deck of a boat.
• See 177 shades of color in the mosaic palette of St. Sophia’s Cathedral.
• Take a picture in the mouth of a 30-meter mosaic cat and throw a coin in a fountain with crouching zebras on the pedestrian Landscape alley. is a great website to meet Ukrainian women.

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