Find Your Love In Kharkiv, Ukraine


22, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Squares and parks, cathedrals and quays, streets and avenues of Kharkiv are beautiful at any time of the year. The traveler will always have something to see in Kharkiv. This is an amazing city which presents the great combination of history and modern technologies. Kharkiv is also known as the student’s capital of Ukraine. Visiting this place is like a great and delicious sip of youth and strength.
Kharkiv is the native city of beautiful Mariem. She is 22 years old and is serious about creating a family with a decent man. Mariem likes travelling a lot, that’s why she has a lot of experience in choosing the most comfortable and interesting places to stay. This girl is very active and dreams about round-the-world trip with her future husband. If you are looking for such a girl, then Mariem is the perfect candidate for you. And when you come to Kharkiv, she would like to show you this city, as she has made-up the list of the most interesting sights of

Kharkiv. And now we would like to share it with you.

Kharkiv Art Museum. If you are looking to get acquainted with Kharkiv from an artistic chord, go to the Art Museum. This is one of the oldest and most valuable collections of artistic works in Ukraine.
Choral Synagogue. Do you want to see the largest synagogue in Europe and the largest spiritual center of the Hasidic Jews in Ukraine? This is Beit Menachem, or the choral synagogue of Kharkiv. The building combined Roman Gothic and Moorish styles.
Catholic Cathedral. The European accent in Kharkiv can be felt on the street. Gogol, where the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located. This is the central sanctuary for the Roman Catholics of the East of Ukraine. The pride of the cathedral is bright gothic stained glass.
Seven wonders of Kharkov. The composition of miniatures on Architects square is often called “Seven Wonders of Kharkiv.” These are diminished pearls of architecture, selected among all the most prominent city attractions – the monument to Taras Shevchenko, the gazebo-fountain, the House of State Industry (Derzhprom), the House with a Spire, as well as the models of Pokrovsky, Blagoveshchensky and Uspensky Orthodox Cathedrals.
These tourist attractions give you the great opportunity to organize the first date with Kharkiv women. But if you want to build relationship with Meriem, or any other Ukrainian girl, you should also know some important points that will help you.
Many relationships start in the bed and end with incredible speed. If you don’t have common themes to talk about, if you spend your free time in different manners, then even full of mad passion night will not save the relationship. You will soon become bored. At the same time sexual relations between a man and a woman have a great importance. Spiritual unity is not enough for a harmonious relationship. Discuss what you like and don’t like in bed, experiment and try to give each other pleasure.
Spend time together. Common interests give opportunity to develop the relationship and bring something new, moreover some common emotions make life brighter. But this does not mean you have to completely abandon your own hobbies and replace them with those things that your partner likes. Everyone should have his own hobby, you should respect each other’s interests. If your interests are radically different, find what you like to do together.
Avoid constant criticism trying to prove that you are smarter, this will lead to the fact that your partner will cease to consult with you. It’s more important to learn how to delicately suggest a possible solution to the problem and to offer help when it’s needed.