Find Gentle Johana from Bogota, Colombia.


28, Bogota , Colombia
Gentle Johana from Colombia
As an international tourist destination, Colombia is really hot! With an exponentially improved security situation and easy international air connections, tourists all over the world are starting to discover the country. And you really have lots of things to see here!
There are pink dolphins frolicking in the Amazon, endemic blue anole lizards on the Pacific island of Gorgona, and countless bird species across the country.
Bogota is the capital of Colombia and the largest and most populous city in the country, and the fourth largest city in South America, with more than seven million residents. It is Colombia’s “first city”. Bogota is a major center for import and export of goods for Colombia and the biggest business center of the country. Make sure you take a graffiti tour if you’re in Bogota: famous for its street art, many buildings with amazing graffiti that is worth seeing!

Colombian women are known all over the world with their beauty and passion. It is a proved fact that Colombian women are the sexiest in the world. As soon as you find yourself in this country you will agree with this statement.

Colombian women are very kind and loving, they understand people easily. They admire foreign men for their attitude to women and believe that a man should play a leading role in the family. They are fond of creating family and spending cozy home evenings together.
Colombian girls are sensitive with the deep inner world, very responsible, hard working women. Usually they are optimists by their nature and believe in good. They appreciate sincerity and trust and hate when people lie and betray.
Colombian women have strong family values and beautiful Colombian soul. They are energetic creatures who love life. They always try to live life to its fullest, even when times are difficult or sad. We have one life and they looking forward to sharing it with a special man! They want to have someone to care for and to give their heart.
Colombian girls have gentle nature, they are curious and not afraid of trying something new. They want their man to have as well kind nature and be respectful to them. A man to have a positive attitude to life and be smart and easy-going. The most important for women from Colombia are family values, they want their man to be determined about building healthy and stable relationships with them.
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