Get acquainted with Tender Estefania from Alajuela, Costa Rica


25, Alajuela , Costa Rica
Discover Costa Rica, small but one of the most ecological countries in the world. A laidback city with a friendly Tico population (Tico is common name for Costa Rican people), Alajuela is definitely worth a visit and you will never regret of doing this.
And, of course, Costa Rican women…volcano of passion and love!!! Ticas women’s hearts are full of tenderness, passion and care. They can give you everything you need and make your dreams come true. They are a combination of a good friend, a passionate lover and a reliable partner whom you can share everything with. Costa Rican women are very creative and open-minded. They are romantic and sensual, cheerful, easy-going and very sociable ladies. From the very childhood they are learned to be responsible, decent and sincere. Always put their friends and family in the center of their attention, and invest in their relationships.
Costa Rican women are ladies with simple human desires, women for only one man. They like to do and receive pleasant surprises, flowers and gifts. They are reliable, caring, kind, honest and understanding women. Usually they live by the principle ‘Never give up!’.
Costa Rican ladies do not like to hide their emotions, whatever they are positive or negative. They always try to look with a smile at the problems. If their family is in trouble – they always come to the rescue, give good advice. Costa Rican woman is constantly working on herself, because she thinks that she should always look perfect! Everyone should develop throughout life, so to spend a lot of time improving self-development and character traits is a big advantage. Ideal people do not exist, but I always strive for the ideal.

What make Costa Rican women different from others? Their eyes full of fire, their zest for life, their passion and wild desire of creation, their high family values, and unselfish love. They are dedicated to everything they do. They are sociable and loyal, good listeners and real introverts.

Costa Rican woman is a type of person who cares about others. She believes that a man should be loyal to the woman he loves. She is a one man woman. She will always treat you like a king. Are you ready for this? She likes to take care of her house and make it better and cozy.
Estefania, passionate woman from Alajuela is in search of her second half. She is very sensual and touchy, tender, kind of romantic and caring girl. She possesses a flexible nature, she is easy-going and compromising. And a big plus in this lady is that she is an absolute optimist.
Estefania is the lady who tends for perfection in life. She is easy-going, funny, playful, passionate and very romantic. The life with her will be never boring as she always finds something to do. She has a nice sense of humor and loves to laugh. Her special man, is the only one whom she misses in her life.
Estefania is going to love all your minuses, just find the key to her heart that will open so many sides of her. While looking for the key do not be lost in her beauty and never-to-be-forgotten eyes.
She deeply loves life and sincerely believes in love! Don’t loose your chance and send your message to Estefania! And you will never regret!
Estefania is not ideal, and she is not going to become perfect! But only for you she can be warm, tender and soft. Is this what you are looking for? All women are like puzzles and it is hard to answer a question what a woman wants… But will you dare to guess Estefania’s puzzle?