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34, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Dnipropetrovsk (the new name Dnipro) is a city located in the middle reaches of the Dnipro River in the heart of Ukraine. The fourth largest city in Ukraine after Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa. Lots of space, lots of air, lots of water – it’s about Dnipropetrovsk. If you compare it with a person, you can do it in two words – young and beautiful. Exactly. Dnipropetrovsk is very young – it is 250 years old, dynamic and modern.
Somehow Dnipropetrovsk reminds the capital of a small Central European state. There are a lot of tourist attractions that can surprise every guest of the city. For example, the Church of John the Baptist on the waterfront is a good example of contemporary religious architecture. Each city has its main street, its own Khreshchatyk. In Dnipro, there are two such streets, and they are parallel. This is Karl Marx Avenue and the Lenin Quay. Trinity Cathedral, 1837, architect – Ludwig Charlemagne, Peter Visconti. One more place is Monastery Island. This is one of the most popular places among citizens. The ornament of the island is a white Nicholas church, built in 1999. Its gilded dome is visible from different parts of the city. Another attraction is the monument to the great Kobzar Taras Shevchenko. This monument is one of the largest in Ukraine. Zoo, aquarium, various attractions, cafes and restaurants, water station, equestrian court, beach zone – all this helps to have a good rest.
Dnipro is a wonderful city where beautiful Ukrainian girls live. And if you want to start relationship with Ukrainian beauty, you have to learn how to communicate with ladies and how to interest them. Here are some tips for you.

When a girl asks to describe yourself. You can easily tell the girl about your advantages and positive qualities. This is done in a luring manner.

On relationships and ex-girlfriends

Often girls ask about your former relationships and troubles with the girls. No matter how difficult you really would not be the situation with ex-girlfriends, you should always speak only neutral (slightly positive) things. For example: With the former girl everything was fine. We met and walked. But there was misunderstanding due to our views on the world. We decided to part friends by mutual consent. You, as it were, tell the girl about the reason for parting, but at the same time nothing is clear, and it’s great. Further stories on this topic do not need to be conducted. Smart girl herself will understand that you do not want to talk about it.

Tell the girl the truth about yourself

Each person has skeletons in the closet, which characterize him not from the best side. We are all people, we all make mistakes, it’s normal. And there’s nothing to worry about when your loved one finds out about it, because she can support you and help you cope with these ghosts of the past. However, during the initial communication with the girl, the appearance of such “negative moments” can play against you, and the girl will focus on them, and not on revealing your personality, your character. Therefore, when meeting with a girl, avoid talking about weak places and mistakes of the past. You’ll tell her this later when she’s ready for it. You will not lie, you will simply miss a number of things, this is permissible.

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