Meet Candy Viki from Tiraspol, Moldova


31,Tiraspol, Moldova
Welcome to Moldova, a tiny country in the Eastern Europe, that you probably never heard about. So it is a chance to get to know it better! It has wonderful nature, hospitable people, you would definitely be impressed with the cuisine and, for sure, with the beautiful Moldovan women!
Tiraspol, is the one of largest city of Moldova, but in fact it is the capital Transnistria, unrecognized state within Moldova. Let us forget about long history of contradistinctions among this topic and put our accent on the beauty of the ladies who love in this area!
They are very intelligent, honest, loyal, no bad habits as well as a nice, caring, educated. Every woman wants to find a loving man who knows how to take care of her, who would give her economic secure and self-confidence, to appreciate her, love her and understand her. And for Moldovan woman it is not an exception either!
Woman from Moldova is joyful, smart, , sincere, sociable, kind, easy-going, forgiving, understanding, compassionate and very caring of the people she loves. She is trusting and very faithful, passionate, always curious, with romance for all the good things that life offers her and with a great sense of humor. She falls in love with all her heart and has a strong dream to build a life together with her special man. Family is the most important thing for Moldovan girl. She loves communication and she knows the psychology of people and she understands them, though it can be not so easy. She is kind, fun to be with, always trying to be positive about everything in life, despite all misfortunes that can surround her.

Viki- a sweet candy from Tiraspol, is very positive and open-minded person. She usually cheers up everybody around her and puts smiles on their faces – she likes laughing and smiling and believe that it makes the world!

Viki is outgoing person. She loves adventures and is ready to start new page in her life. Maybe it is you, with whom she start her adventure?! She always develops herself as individuality that is based on honesty and respect, tact and passion, romance and love, desire to share other person feeling, compassion and understanding. Viki will appreciate your ability to surprise your woman and to make pleasant things for her.
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