Belarusian women have set out to show the world a new type of Slavic beauty


28, Brest, Belarus
All of the Eastern Slavic countries are characterised by the abundance of women due to several reasons with one of them being a constant deficit of male population. Belarus like her neighbours do experience a demographic crisis which has already affected her negatively. However, where a disadvantage dwells for one, there is an advantage for another one. If you are having problems with women in terms of finding a reliable partner, then the Internet and this Belarusian beauty can prove to be crucial to the solution of your troubles. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at the city of Brest where Kristina comes from.
It is an amazing city which possesses an incredibly immense history. It can certainly be called a historic site of the former USSR and the present-day Belarus. The origins of the city can be found in the Medieval times. It is generally believed that it was founded by the Poles and remained under their direct rule until it was incorporated into the Duchy of Lithuania. For several centuries it had remained inside the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth until it was incorporated into the Russian Empire in 1795 after the three Polish partitions.
Until the First World War, the city enjoyed some sort of relatively peaceful times. During the war, it fell into the German hands as the result of the Great Retreat of the Russian Army in 1915-16. Then it was cleared from the German forces and was reclaimed by the Poles after the break-up of the Russian empire. Moreover, it was here where the Bolsheviks signed the shameful peace agreement with the Keiser Germany and lost a lot of territories to the Germans.
Before the Second World War, the city was captured by the Wehrmacht (German army under the Nazi regime) and then handed over to the Soviets according to the terms of the Russo-German Secret Pact of 1939. When the Germans invaded the USSR in 1941, the fortress of the city held out for nearly a month after being completely surrounded by the German forces. The bravery of the Soviet soldiers who fought and died in this stronghold cannot be underestimated. Historians from all around the world keep wondering how did they manage to hold out when they were not only encircled, but also the frontline was located much farther eastwards and no help could come. After the end of the Second World War, the city was incorporated into the Soviet Belarusian Republic and after the collapse of the USSR in 1991 it became part of Belarus.

As you have already noticed, there are a lot of places you can visit here, but obviously the most important thing to you will be your opportunity to meet an adorable Brest girl Kristina.

She is 29 years old and has two children, but she is divorced. In terms of her job, she is tour agent which is quite a nice vacancy regarding the immense historic heritage of the city and the number of tourists who would like to visit the place and learn more of its history.
Kristina is a good and decent woman who wants to find a man that will match her requirements that are derived from her personal features according to her: care, love, loyalty, warmness, softness, kindness and understanding. Of course, you may have even more requirements and you should feel free to let Kristina know of them. Definitely, you have a lot to talk about. Start your unforgettable experience with the Brest beauty right now!