Astonishing Odesa beauties are overwhelming men’s hearts


28, Odesa, Ukraine
With the fall of the Communism, a lot of Western men have become obsessed with the idea of meeting beautiful Slavic women. However, due to the lack of well- established communications immediately after the collapse of the USSR, such wishes mainly remained in the form of the dreams and could hardly be realised. However, today the whole story is different. Every single Western man who has an internet connection, can start looking for his Slavic love from his home. Now, all the love-seekers can meet an astonishing Odesa lady, Aliona who is 28 years old. Nevertheless, if you decide to date her, you still need to acquire some basic knowledge about the city of Odesa.
It is located in the south of the Ukraine, on the shores of the Black Sea. Odesa can be spelt with one ‘s’ or double ‘s’, depending on the language that you want to use as the reference. All the Russian-speakers spell it with two ‘s’, while those who prefer Ukrainian to Russian spell it with one. As Odessa is a cosmopolitan city and the two languages are widely used here, it is up to you to decide which option you like the most.
The climate of this place is a moderate one with some tropical traits because it is extremely hot in summer and early autumn. The geographic location of Odessa makes it a very important transportation hub because it comprises a sea port, an airport and a lot of railways and autobahns that all join here. Therefore, its significance cannot be underestimated. Odessa is quite frequently referred to as the Southern Capital, the Pearl of the Black Sea or the Southern Palmyra after a once prosperous Syrian city situated in the south of the country.
Regarding its history, Odessa like other southern Ukrainian territories was once dominated by the Crimean Tartars and the city itself was a mere settlement inhibited by the Tartars. As the time went by, all the Tartar dominions became part of the Ottoman Empire during its splendour periods. However, when the latter started to decay, these lands were conquered by the Russians who actually founded the city of Odessa. It is worth mentioning that it is believed that Odessa was founded by a Spanish servant of the Russian crown, named De Rivas. Therefore, one of the most important streets in Odesa is named after him.
Throughout the Imperial and Soviet periods, Odesa was regarded as one of the largest cities of those states and was highly protected. During the Second World War, the Soviets left Odesa in 1941 after fierce clashes with Romanian and German troops. It was later on liberated once again in 1943 when the whole Third Reich was crumbling.

Today, Odesa remains the symbol of liberty and Ukrainian statehood. Now, we are ready to proceed to the main topic of the article, an amazing Odesa beauty, Aliona.

She is certainly one of the most beautiful Odesa ladies that you can encounter with. You can see the mixture of different bloods in her physical appearance. She has unfortunately had a bad experience with a man who left her with one child. According to Aliona herself, her general requirement is that the men she will fall in love with, should be very serious in terms of the relationships, i.e. mature, but at the same time he should be romantic because her hot southern temper cannot stand gloomy personalities. If you think you match this sole requirement, then we offer you to go ahead and stat communicating with such a beautiful Odessa woman, Aliona, who is eager to meet new people.