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24, Mariupol, Ukraine
Ukraine is a very diverse country of Eastern Europe which is a relatively young state. Every single region has its own distinctive features and should, therefore, be treated in a peculiar way. Mariupol forms part of the Donetsk Oblast (province), located in the south-east of the Ukraine which has seen a spike in insurgent activity recently after the coup in Kiev of 2014. However, Mariupol hot ladies are outside of this mess and are interested in meeting their love and having solid relationships with foreign men who can turn their lives into fairy-tales.
Before talking about the girls, it is worth having a brief introduction into the city itself. Mariupol is the tenth largest city of the Ukraine and the second largest city of the Donetsk Oblast. It has been granted a wonderful location in the south of the country on the shores of the Azov Sea. It is a very important port city for the Ukrainian economy. In addition to being a port, it has a river running through it, called the Kalmius.
It is worth outlining that these territories were once under the Turkish rule and were conquered by the Russians by the end of XVIII century. The city of Mariupol was transformed from a Cossack encampment of Kalmius. Cossacks are a special military category of people who have been dedicating themselves to war for centuries. Ukraine is generally known to be the home for nearly half of the known Cossack regiments who served in the Russian army.
During the Soviet era, Mariupol was renamed Zhdanov after a famous Communist politician. After the collapse of Communism, the Ukrainians started the decommunization process by removing old names. That is how its historic name was given back to Mariupol.
However, it would be unwise to state that the Soviet times have not done anything beneficial to the city. During the industrialization period, Mariupol was turned into a big industrial complex with lots of metallurgy plants and heavy engineering. Moreover, because of its fertile soils, it became one of the centres for grain trade in the USSR.
Back in 2014, the city was captured by the independence militias and was later on recaptured and secured by the Ukrainian troops. Now, it remains more or less peaceful with only war news disturbing it every day.

These are the current and historical circumstances that will have definitely left their mark on the Mariupol beauties.

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